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The Trifecta

She traces her fingers through the air, drawing three distinct shapes out of thin, glowing lines: a nondescript human, a swirling, clouded mass, and a strand of light moving through the air in a dance. The three merge together, with the cloud moving to the human's head, and the light strand slotting into their heart. As the three connect, the figure springs to life, joyfully waving at Sakalli, who eagerly returns it.
"This. This is the Trifecta."
- Sakalli Cilith, Magiphysiologist

  Discovered in 1495 by Ashijani scientist Sakalli Cilith, the Trifecta is the unification of the Flesh Self, Conscious Self, and Astral Self (often referred to as the "Body", "Mind," and "Soul", respectively.) The Trifecta is used to explain how the Individual exists within the world, and how disease affects each aspect.  
Complete Trifecta by Ynix

The Trifecta

The Body

The Flesh Self, sometimes referred to as a "mortal coil" or "flesh suit", is the physical form that exists and interacts with the world around it. It is typically seen as a "vehicle" for the Conscious Self and the Astral Self, but Cilith paints it not as a means of carrying the mind and soul, but an important part of one's personality and identity, as well as how others percieve us.   Cilith considers fashion, piercings, dyed hair, and tattoos to be a part of our personality and identity, expressed outwards for others to see and draw conclusions about who we are, but her statements on such have been recently erased by the Ashijani leadership for "inciting cultural violence" against Ashijan.  
"Decorating the Flesh Self is an important part of self-expression. Take that away, and you are left with a Broken Trifecta, and the dangers it comes with."
— Sakalli Cilith
It is important to note that other Magiphysiologists within Ashijan debate about the importance of self-expression through the Flesh Self, though Altraxian researchers are in agreement with Cilith about its importance.

The Mind

The Conscious Self, sometimes called "consciousness" or "sentience", is the most widely accepted part of the Trifecta as real, despite there being no physical form as evidence. However, Chardovilians agree that each individual has thoughts and ideas that are their own, and this is how Cilith developed the theory of the Mind.   "Decorating" the Mind consists of mindfulness exercises or philosophical debates, and Cilith offers this with a special importance in maintaining a balanced Trifecta. The Ashijani government has neither confirmed nor denied the validity of Cilith's statements, saying simply that Cilith's statements on health and wellness are her own and do not reflect the Ashijan Empire as a whole.
Note that Chardovil scientists have yet to connect the "consciousness" to the "brain", and as such, they do not consider there to be any physical evidence regarding the source of consciousness.

The Soul

Placeholder Note

Broken Harmony

Voidwalker's Trifecta by Ynix


Characterized by a lack of strong emotion, Voidwalkers have lost their soul, and their trifecta has been broken. Despite missing a soul, many voidwalkers go on to live fulfilling lives, and many can pass in society as merely strange and detached, as opposed to missing a soul entirely.

Voidwalkers retain their memories, minus the event that stole their soul, however the emotions attached to such events have been stripped away.
They often feel a sense of loss, but rarely realize what happened.


Bez Masa

(BAY-ss MAH-sah)
Bez Masa's Trifecta by Ynix

Cover image: Ashijani Research Cover by Ynix


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