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Arcane Academy of Physiology

"Sakalli didn't go to school, and she was the smartest person in the world!"
"She also invented the concepts that required a school to be opened in the first place."
— A prospective student arguing with their parent

The Academy of Physiology stood as the sole location to earn a proper education in Magiphysiology after Sakalli Cilith's groundbreaking paper The Theory of the Flesh, Mental, and Astral Selves. However, shortly after its construction, The Cataclysm swept across Chardovil West and destroyed everything in its path.

Reconstruction and Restoration

In recent years, the Province of Obonjon begun restoring what they can of the original building and reconstructing the rest, hoping to some day reopen the Academy, if not as a school, then as a library and archive dedicating to preserving what little remains of culture and research pre-Cataclysm.

Restored Structure

The original structure was built primarily with marble from the Abyssal Bluffs that Obonjon had stored before the Mineral and Metal Mining Co. shut down the site. The flames from The Cataclysm caused much of the structure to crack and fragment, but the majority of it remained salvageable, and the granite foundations remained strong and merely stained.
Destroyed in The Cataclysm
Restored as the Arcane Archives
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Academy
College / Academy
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