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Altraxia (ahl-TRACK-see-ah)

"That bastard Jithon gave the order to send our troops home! What part of 'independent state' did he forget about?!"
— Vinris Eyis, complaining to his council about the Altraxian government

Altraxia is known across Chardovil as either a bringer of peace or a bringer of war, depending on which ocean you have to cross to reach the continent of Altraxia. Their influence, whether directly or indirectly, spans the globe as their leader, Zeri Jithon, pursues complete domination.

Chardovil West

While the governments of Chardovil West all loathe Altraxia and its power over them, the citizens of each nation see Altraxia has a welcome peacekeeper, as the three nations joining the Empire of Altraxia ended the bloody Western War.


The people of Obonjon resents Altraxia for their role in ending the Western War by giving control of the Province of Obonjon to Ashijan.

Chardovil East

The many nations that make up Chardovil East broadly despise Altraxia inserting themselves into their war, however, smaller countries such as Si Flana and Erdus, along with the independent province of Upazar welcome them with open arms.


Slitish, Isati, Cinem, Auvalia, Aplor, and Celishi all see Altraxia as a threat to the careful game of politics and war they have been playing with each other.
Isati especially despises Altraxia, as they are already surrounded by enemy nations and have been balancing their diplomatic relations carefully. However, Altraxia attempting to take the country by force has made the situation even more perilous as Isati diplomats desperately work to convince their enemies not to invade.
Slitish is careful to remain cordial with Altraxia, though it refuses to give up its autonomy to the empire. However, infuriating the Altraxi government would see them completely pinned and surrounded by enemies.
Cinem regularly clashes with Isati, however their primary efforts have been stamping out their rival Auvalia and expanding their borders.
Auvalia Auvalia and its province Upazar have been battling to keep Cinem at bay for years, though Upazar is much more welcoming of Altraxia than the larger Auvalia, who has witnessed Altraxi government manipulate Chardovil West into submission.
A paranoid, warmongering country, Aplor instantly declared war on Altraxia as a way to combat what they saw was a "gross invasion of Aploran sovereignty" by sending diplomats. The Aploran government saw these diplomats as spies sent to destabilize the country and turn popular opinion against their war with Si Flana and Erdus.
Celishi, allies with Aplor also declared war on Altraxia for setting foot in Aploran territory. Both wage a brutal war against their much smaller, southern neighbors, and seek to prevent Altraxia from providing aid.


The small nations of Si Flana and Erdus both welcomed Altraxian assistance, as much of their territory had been conquered by the powerhouses of Aplor and Celishi. They have allied together in hopes of beating their mutual enemies, which seek to wipe them off the map entirely, and aligned with Altraxia to force Aplor into a two-front war.
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