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Gobriak (GOH-bree-ACK)

Gobriak is considered the jewel of Ashijan. Second only to the capitol of Shar in population, Gobriak is a monument to Ashijani engineering, and lead the world in scientific research until its destruction in the Cataclysm.


Gobriak maintains a lean government, with the Chancellor of Gobriak, Davfyr, filling most leadership positions within the city. When it comes to decision making powers within the city, his word is typically followed, but ultimately can be overridden by the noble houses of Ashijan, and works closely with the Yvrey Household to ensure cohesion between the city and the national interests.


Gobriak is heavily reliant on maintaining its infrastructure in order to avoid catastrophe.


The Outer City of Gobriak is on an artifical island, so the bridges connecting the city are crucial to ensuring every aspect of Gobrian life remains unencumbered. Two bridges, Victory Pass and Dark Cross, connect the Gobriak Outskirts to the Outer City's island. A third bridge, North Star Way, connects the island to the mountain containing the Interior.


The Outer City is formed from the rerouted Wildward River encircling the city and being directed into the Interior City and Mount Vesciner. A series of dams and moats both upstream inside the mountain dictate the direction of the river and serve as safety mechanisms in the event of flooding, allowing the river level to be raised or lowered as needed.


Gobriak, in its entirety, has over a dozen districts, the majority of which in the Outer City.
  • The Grove
  • Ashenspire
  • Interior City
  • Plaza District
  • Research Center
  • Lower Forges
  • Outer City
  • Citadel
  • Light Water
  • Claycrest
  • Old Gobriak
  • News Square

  • Oakbridge
  • Crescent Row
  • Eastward
  • Steelshine North
  • Steelshine South
  • Tourism

    Gobriak's unique location and engineering marvels make it a tourism hub during the Frost season, as visitors flock to the city both to experience the ski resort not far from the city, and to witness the mountain itself sparkle during the extended nighttime.
    "At night, you can see the lights from insight the mountain peek through small cutouts in the stone. It's like the entire mountain blends into the stars in the sky. And its done with water."
    — Ashijani Tourist from Shar, on Gobriak's Interior and Mount Vesciner

    The mountain's starry appearance stems from the combination of water power and magic. Emergency lights are fed with magical crystals and routinely recharged by Maintenance Mages to ensure uninterrupted light.   The remaining lights are powered by a complicated mechanism that uses a handful of Maintenance Mages to recharge an array of Black Diamonds connected to a network of cables. These cables carry the magical energy through the different levels of the Interior City and to Obsidian Spell Gems maintaining the Light cantrip indefinitely.


    The city is defined by its unique geography, with Mount Vesciner rising above the city itself, and the Wildward River feeding every part of Gorbian life. The mountain offers protection from most severe weather, while the river provides a source of fresh water and generates electricity for the Interior's light and research projects.


    • Gobriak

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