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Deep Ocean Emerald Egg Sacs

Mysterious, deadly Eggs from the Deep

What in He'an's name is that... it's huge! Captain, look out, we're about to hit it!
— An alarmed sailor's cry
  In the cold, deep ocean between the continents of Vir Tenera and Vir Adanea, a strange and rare phenomenon occasionally happens, where giant mysterious egg sacs will float to the surface. The egg sacs will remain floating at the surface for a few days, before sinking down, never to be seen again. The sacs are several meters in diameter, and bright emerald in colour. It is entirely unknown what lays, or is born out of these sacs -- any attempt to study the sacs results in disaster, as the sac rapidly degrades when removed from the water. Cutting into the sac, or having its outer shell degrade away results in incredibly toxic and corrosive gasses being released; all who have cut the lining of the sac in an attempt to research them have died quick, painful deaths -- and their surroundings have been destroyed.  


The known unknown

The egg sacs do not resemble any sacs from any other known species -- unlike Shallow ocean Stoneshark or other shark species egg sacs, these emerald sacs are semi-translucent, and almost perfectly spherical. The translucency allows for some visibility into the sac, thus it is known that something is within, and that it is alive and moving. The shape is blurry, and hard to make out, which has lead to many different speculations as to what the shape might be inside the sac.  
From the few sacs that have been seen, it's been recorded that the shape inside the sac has 2-4 appendages or fins, 1 or 2 heads, and is anywhere from as small as a dog to as large as a human. Generally the specimen inside takes up about 10% of the overall assumed volume of the sac. It's thought that there might be several different chambers inside, for the storage of different fluids, but this is hard to verify as no sac has ever remained in-tact for longer than 5 seconds after cutting into it -- the degradation occurs rapidly, and the corrosive gas helps this along.
I bet it's some kinda super Rendling, living down at the bottom of the ocean. Probably some giant, mother monster, laying eggs constantly. Where do the newly hatched Rendlings go? How should I know, do I look like a Rendling expert to you?
— A sailor's theory
A Rendling? You think it's a Rendling? Then why in He'an's name aint it attacking us! You, me, him, we should all be dead right now if that thing's some kind of Rendling. It's probably just some kinda super shark egg sac.
— A sailor's counter theory


An Under Water Rendling Hotspot
Likely the most popular of the theories, with some credibility to it. Many people assume it's some type of deep, underwater Rendling spawning hotspot. With the close proximity of Dimiti over in the Shattered Isles, and with deep sea currents, it's possible that some of the Ichor or liquid from Dimiti's back is making its way deep underwater, and transforming some native wildlife eggs into these monstrous versions.  
A Natural, Mysterious Animal
The next most plausible theory is one unrelated to corrupted monsters; some think the egg sacs merely belong to a currently undiscovered sea-faring animal. Most who back this theory point to the fact that no monsters seem to burst from the sacs to attack and devour humans, something that they say any Rendling, unborn or otherwise, would do.  
The Legion, it's always the Legion
The more cynical members of the scientific community, and members of the general public who are tired of the Legion's doings as of late, tend to blame the military organization for nearly anything wrong, bad, or strange in the world. There might be some grain of truth to this theory, many argue, as the Legion's Catalurgical storage and research facility, The Underwater Silos of the Shattered Isles, is nearby. Perhaps these sacs are the result of some strange, disturbed experiments they are conducting beneath the waves.
I know they protect us... but I just don't trust em.
— Back-alley murmurings


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Jan 1, 2021 10:22 by Avalon Arcana

Well...I bet it's the legion. This sounds absolutely fascinating. Wonder if we'll ever learn the truth....

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
Jan 1, 2021 19:16 by Stormbril

Something weird or bad happening in the world? GOTTA BE THE LEGION!   The truth is out there, it's just shrouded in incredibly toxic and corrosive gas... D:   Thank you again <3

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What are they? WHAT ARE THEY?! D:   I blame the Legion.

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