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Frost Iron


Frost Iron, unlike Black Iron, does share most of its physical characteristics with iron itself. (Black Iron is called that due to language evolution). Frost Iron is a grey metal with lighter silver-like striations. The metal is highly conducive to enchantments, amplifying them in the process.  


The material was first discovered by Pinval Boneforge, who was a revered member of the Scholar's Guild in Khul Boldir. He also happened to be the cousin of the then-King Rudin Boneforge. There had been rumours of a rare material in the north of Essidon but no-one had yet made an official confirmation. Pinval Boneforge set out in 910BCE on his expedition but it wasn't until the spring of 911BCE that he found what he was looking forward. A metal with a remarkable appetite for magical enchantment. He waited in the region for his king to send further personnel, which took another year to fully realise. In 912BCE, the outpost of Magundess was formed.    

Physical Characteristics

Frost Iron is almost identical to regular iron. In fact, if one was to extricate the lighter silver striation from the metal, the remainder would be indistinguishable. However, for still as yet unknown reasons, when the striations are taken out, they themselves do not hold the same properties as they do when in the iron. In this manner, Frost Iron functions almost exactly opposite to Whitestone, which in magical terms operates similarly, but works better the purer it is.   The striations, by the themselves, do not correlate to any known metal exactly either. The sheen and colour is similar to silver, but the density is higher and the malleability is higher. There is one school of thought that suggests these striations might be the remains of a long dead colony of silver dragons and these are all that are left of their scales. It is theorised that dragon scales serve as a conduit for their own magical capabilities. Dragon scales themselves are a ready receptor of magical enchantments, but do not present the amplification properties that Frost Iron does.    

Notable Artefacts

Frost Iron has not been around long enough, nor mined in large enough quantities to be utilised in an artefact. The Scholar's Guild spent hundreds of years just researching the metal. Frost Iron has, however, been incorporated into the crown of the King of East Essidon, who rules that side of the continent which Magundess is situated. Magundess is technically controlled by the Aldenian Dwarves, through the Scholar's Guild, but in conjunction and permission of the Essidonian King. This incorporation signifies that alliance in this matter.
Extremely Rare
Silver, Striated
Common State
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