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Magundess is a predominantly Dwarven settlement in the far north of the Eastern side of Essidon. It is situated just on the fringe of the danger zone of the volcanic mountain in the area. Ultimately, though, it serves as the base camp for the Frost Iron mines.


Like its Aldenian cousin Goldforge, this mining settlement is ruled over by a senior Mining Guild representative. The current representative is Pinak Boneforge, a very distant relative to the Aldenian Dwarven King.


  • 78% Dwarf
  • 8% Altaran
  • 6% Gnome
  • 8% Assorted Other (Snow Elves and Humans, the next most populous)


Like all Dwarven-centric cultures, they worship the gods that rank highly for them: Grommog, the god of dwarves; Karf, the god of crafting; Armon, the god of earth; and Dugarth, the god of the underground. Here in Essidon, though, the frozen climate lends itself to further worship of Essina, the goddess of wind and winter


As the town has become more and more permanent, the core buildings have been increasingly reworked in stone and further care has been taken in their detailing. However, the outskirts remain relatively ramshackle.

Geography & Climate

Magundess is in the far north of Essidon, which is already the coldest continent to begin with. The temperatures here only barely reach double-digit Celsius in the summer months. However, the volcanic activity in the region does lend itself to a modicum of geothermal heating, which Magundess enjoys. Magundess actually means "Fire and Ice" in Dwarvish


Agriculture isn't Magundess' strong suit. Only the hardiest of crop can survive here, even with the natural warmth the ground provides. The problem is the air above typically remains bitingly cold. As such, crops that as mostly subterranean fare better here.



Magundess is Axora's most modern 'major' settlement. It was founded in 912BCE by Pinval Boneforge (Pinak's ancestor and cousin to then-King Rudin Boneforge). Pinval was a senior member of Scholar's Guild and on an expedition based on his own research into the area, seeking evidence of a material with odd properties in the mountains in the area. He made the discover of Frost Iron in 911BCE and it took a further year to officially set up an outpost to further explore his discovery.   The quantity of Frost Iron acquired from the Magundess mines remains minimal, but the mines have yielded significant quantity of silver and, in lesser amounts, platinum. In fact, if the rumours out of the platinum mines of Hantou are true, Magundess may soon be the primary source of platinum too. It is, however, the only source of Frost Iron to date.


The outpost steadily grew into a village, and then into a town. Its location within the Dwarven controlled Eastern side made it inherently protected from outside attempts to take it over. The harsh conditions also acted as a significant deterrent.

During the Cataclysm War

Magundess suffered at the whim of Cieris during The Cataclysm War. The Red Dragon is said to have originated in the volcanic region where Magundess is located near. Cieris eventually left Essidon behind to terrorise Aldenia, in alliance with The Council of Nine.


The losses caused by Cieris took many generations to be restored and the town's population is now, nearly 600 years on from the culmination of that war, only about 30% higher than it was before the war.
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