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West and East Essidon, two proud and fierce nations, perhaps fortunate to have a continent spanning mountain range to separate them to prevent further bloodshed than there already has been throughout history.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous Dwarf adventurer


A mountain range that runs from the north coast to a peninsula on the south. This acts as a natural border that splits East Essidon, which is Dwarven controlled, from the West, which is not. West Essidon is one of the few nations in the world with an elected official. It is primarily human, but most sentient species have a presence there, particularly the Elven subspecies of Snow Elves.  

West Essidon

The capital city of West Essidon, and the largest city by far.  
Other Cities
  • Kylm
  • Dokur
  • Frosnat

East Essidon

The capital city of East Essidon, literally translates as "Place in the Ice" in Dwarven.  
Other Cities
  • Vardkor
  • Estwark
  • Porth Brisid


The vast majority of Essidon is frozen tundra, with one long mountain range straight down the centre of it, with scattered coniferous forests across its expanse. Ice floes dot around its coastline that, especially in winter, can make approach treacherous for sailing vessels.


Essidon is cold by most people's standards most of the time. Winters hit double digit negatives in the day time regularly. Snowstorms and blizzards are as frequent here as the sandstorms of the The Maru Desert in Thrabad.

Fauna & Flora

Anything that lives here has to cope with long stretches of biting cold air, ice and snow. A lot of fauna in Essidon hibernate during these permanently sub-zero winters. Some of the flora, whilst hibernation isn't the same, have capabilities that help them lay dormant during these times.
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