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Timberfrost is a small logging town in the southern portion of the Kingdom of Nyrenthia Named for its logging industry and the long standing frigid temperatures. Located along the southern bank Stimgtar River, and north of the Hjarta Forest, the town is the primary source of timber within the kingdom.   Home to two different sawmills both of which use the waters of the river to power their saws, to split and cut the massive logs brought in from the forest. Each of the mills is owned by a different family, though they are rivals they do tend to work together for the better of the kingdom.


Predominately humans, half-elves, and half-orcs, though there are a few dwarves as well.


A small outpost of Nyrenthian soldiers is garrisoned about a days walk to the east.

Industry & Trade

The primary source of income for the town is its lumber industry. They provide lumber to the entirety of the Kingdom of Nyrenthia. Felling timber in the Hjarta Forest and bringing it back to one of the two mills in the town. The Lodebrooke Mill owned by the Lodebrooke family and the Stimgtar Mill owned by the Frost family.   Local alchemist Luciana Thornheart runs the small apothecary known as the Gnarled Root.   Groch the half-orc blacksmith operates within the town.   Quinlos Longspirit and Calrana Longspirit a halfling couple run the Simple Stash general goods store.   Emellyrra Sylleth a half-elven woman runs the Split Log the town's inn


Timberfrost is home to two sawmills, a blacksmith, a general goods store, an inn, and an apothecary.


Timberfrost started with the Frost family. They set up a meager homestead, felling trees from the Hjarta Forest to build their home. With the construction of their home completed, Skaldi Frost started construction on a mill. Intending to provide for him family by owning and operating a mill to provide timber to the surrounding area, he named the mill after the river it used to power its saw. As time went on, folke came to the mill and seeing the beautiful landscape decided to stay, growing the town.

After a few generations, the Lodebrooke family moved to town, Tharden Lodebroooke to a job at the mill. After a few years working the mill, he sought out Halvar Frost for a discussion. Proposing that the mill could make more coin if they were to open a second mill, in turn doubling their production. Convincing Halvar that this second mill was a good idea, and that he should be trusted to run the second mill, Tharden Lodebrooke set about building a second mill.   In accordance with their agreement Tharden Lodebrooke took control of running the second mine. Slowly over time people started referring to it as the Lodebrooke Mill, not realizing that it was a part of the Stimgtar Mill. Assunimg instead that they were rival companies, patrons of one started trying to get one to undercut the other. As time went on the two mills evolved into separate entities each owned by theire respective families.   In 703 FOS the town was annexed into the Kingdom of Nyrenthia in a peaceful transaction. They continued providing lumber to the kingdom and enjoying the protections that provided.


The majority of building are constructed from timber provided by the mill and stone.


Timberfrost lies in the southernmost part of the Kingdom of Nyrenthia, along the southern bank Stimgtar River, and north of the Hjarta Forest.  The town though larger is still relatively small, with no real walls surrounding it. To its south lies the border to Marus, no more than a few days travel.

Natural Resources

Timber from the nearby forest is their primary resource.
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