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The Kingdom of Amnor

The realm of honour and kings

This glorious land of Amnor, as if crafted by loving hand. This blessed realm of honour and virtue, this royal throne of kings. Whose glorious sons defend her against the siege of envious nations, forever will endure upon the falcons wings.  
  • Motto of the Royal Order of the Falcon


    The Kingdom of Amnor is a sovereign nation on the continent of Eldvar. It is bordered by three major nations; to the north west by the heavily forested Elven The Kingdom of Arellä, the south east by the rival Kingdom of Kholdôr and across the Sea of Three Crowns by the wealthy nation of Astesea. The Howling Sea lies off it’s north coast and the Sea of Three Crowns makes up its southern border. Finally, the Great Eldvar Steppe extends out from its western border.   The Kingdom of Amnor is a fertile land with rolling green hills, small forests and flowing rivers.  
    Kingdom of Amnor, countryside
    Amnorish Countryside

    Notable Locations

      Amros - The capital city and home to the King. A well defended walled city, situated in the warm grassy plains at the heart of the kingdom along the River Amn.
    Berem - A market town located near a range of wooded hills that form the border with the Kingdom of Kholdôr. The hillsides are good for grazing sheep.
    Crowngate - A small fortified tower located near the border with the Kingdom of Arëlla. Built during the height of the Aventian Empire.
    Falconwatch - A high stone tower, located in the south east of the kingdom close to the border with Asteasea. Home to the Royal Order of the Falcon.
    Faron - A small farming town situated in the foothills north of Amros. Rich soil, ample winter rains and hot summers make good growing for the fruits and grain that form the economic backbone of this region.
    Misthold - A fortified keep located on the jagged cliffs along the Howling Sea. Built to keep an eye out for seafaring raiders that would cross from the isle of Skyros.
    Tempus - The economic heart that keep the kingdom alive. The large port city of Tempus is situated on the Sea of Three Crowns.  
    The port city of Tempus
    The Port City of Tempus

    Coat of Arms

      The Kingdom of Amnor's coat of arms is a grey falcon in flight against a navy blue background. Falcons are a common sight in the Kingdom, and are seen as symbols of strength, bravery and honour. Young nobles are trained in falconry and the Royal Order of the Falcon are the most prestigious company of knights in the Kingdom.


    King Aedgar the Wise
    King Aedgar the Wise

    The Kingdom of Amnor is a traditional feudal monarchy and has been ruled by a king or queen since the end of Avartian rule over 300 years ago. Presently the kingdom is ruled by the ageing King Aëdgar the Wise. The King recently married his second wife, the elven Princess Elithyl of Arëlla, after his first wife Queen Ríona died suddenly two years ago. He has three sons, Prince Wilfyn and Prince Tomlin to his first wife, and baby son Prince Elluín to his second wife. His eldest son Prince Wilfyn is the next in line to inherit the throne.   Below the king, the governance of the kingdom is highly localised. The kingdom is comprised of four fiefdoms, each ruled by a local lord who all report directly to the king in Amros. The lords have almost complete autonomy over their regions in the areas of taxation and justice, however the king has the right to overrule any decision made by the lords. Currently the liege lords are: Lord Osgar of Misthold, Lord Leofred of Berem, Lady Edwen of Faron and Lord Iver of Tempus.   King Aëdgar is considered a wise and fair king who has ruled the Kingdom of Amnor for nearly 30 years. In that time, he has consolidated his power, seen off various threats to his kingdom, improved the lives of his subjects and maintained several key alliances. In more recent years however, he has started to show the signs of aging and suffered his biggest loss after a long and brutal war with the Kingdom of Kholdôr, which saw the former vassal state regain its independence from Amnor. Many have seen this as a sign that the king has lost his touch and rumblings that it may be time for a new younger king have begun.


    After Avartian conquest in 166, Amnoria as it was known then, was a remote province of the Avartian Empire. For nearly 400 years it was governed by the Avartian Empire, along with other Eldarvi provinces like Kholdôria and Asteasea. Following the conquest, a distinctive culture began to emerge as the Avartians introduced improved agriculture, urban planning, architecture and a formalised military to the native people. During the Years of Turmoil, Emperor Narses recalled all Avartian soldiers stationed overseas and they were ordered to return to Avartia for the defence of their homeland. No forces could be spared to protect the distant Amnoria. The people of Amnoria were told to defend themselves and governance was left in the hand of local warlords. Although it was expected that the Empire would regain control over the province, this never eventuated and by the late 500s Avartian control of Amnoria was entirely lost.  

    The Avartian Empire, conquers Amnor.

    The conquest of Amnor by the Avartian Empire

      For the next 40 years Amnoria was a divided land and was constantly at war with itself in a struggle for power. In the year 632 King Allric the Brave seized control and unified the warring factions, establishing the Kingdom of Eldvar. A mighty kingdom, encompassing all of present day Amnor as well as the Kingdom of Kholdôr. For the next 50 years he ruled over this vast kingdom with relative peace and stability. Upon his death however, he his two sons, Aelfgar I and Redwyn the Fat fought a brutal civil war. After three years of war, the brothers agreed to divide the realm between them in the Treaty of Aldhelm in 588. Aelfgar I was given Amnoria, consisting of territory west of The River Amfil up to the border with the Kingdom of Arëlla and Redwyn the Fat was given the region of Kholdôr, a low-lying peninsular east of The River Amfil which extended out into the Howling Sea. As such the Kingdom of Amnor and the Kingdom of Kholdôr were established and over the next few hundred years the two nations often contested with each other for territory and power, creating a bitter rival and hatred between them.  

    Battle between King Aelfgar I and Redwyn The Fat

    Battle between King Aelfgar I and Redwyn The Fat

      The burgeoning Kingdom of Amnor, with its superior farmland prospered and became one of the most powerful realms on the continent of Eldvar. Over the years various kings and queens improved the defenses, built fortresses, established a decent army, encouraged craftsmanship and nurtured culture centred around duty, honour and loyalty to the crown. The Kingdom established alliances with its neighbouring territories, the elvish Kingdom of Arëlla and the wealthy nation of Asteasea. However it never forgave it’s sworn adversary the Kingdom of Kholdôr.  

    Recent Events

      In 1078, after a series of hard-won battles with The Kingdom Kholdôr, King Aëdgar of Amnor managed to defeat the Kholdôrish army and arranged for his own hand-picked lord to become its new king. King Aëdgar was able to greatly influence the new puppet king and effectively subjugated Kholdôr, turning it into a vassal state of Amnor. Resentment and anger of this new arrangement steadily grew, until in 1082 a violent rebellion erupted headed by the son of an ousted noble, a man by the name of Lord Gredwalyn. He seized upon local resentment and gathered an army of brigands and rebels who violently overthrew the puppet king and his family, slaughtering them in ghastly public executions. In a week of bloodshed and chaos, all people of noble birth friendly to Amnor were mercilessly killed during fierce uprisings. Gredwalyn brilliantly readied himself for retaliation from Amnor, destroying bridges leading into Kholdôr and fortifying towns and castles in preparation. Over the next 6 years he and his growing army fought a series of bloody guerrilla skirmishes with the Amnorish army that collectively became known as The Savage War. Finally, King Aëdgar, under pressure from his own people who were tired of the devastating war, was forced to surrender. A peace treaty was signed and the independent Kingdom of Kholdôr was re-established, with Gredwalyn as its king. Although Kholdôr was always viewed as a somewhat lesser region, its loss was a bitter blow to the proud people of Amnor. Both sides of the war are still recovering from the years of devastation. The Kingdom of Kholdôr being described as being a "war ravaged quagmire".  

    The battle of Ergoth Hill between the Army of King Aëdgar and Lord Gredfalwyn.

    The battle of Ergoth Hill between the army of King Aëdgar and Lord Gredfalwyn.

    Foreign Relations

    The Kingdom of Amnor enjoys a friendly relationship with the elven Kingdom of Arëlla to the north. Once enemies during the times of the Dusk War, the two Kingdoms have since made peace and have maintained a respectful friendship over the subsequent centuries. Although the Kingdom of Arëlla is largely a secretive society, the people of Amnor have come to trust the elves to defend them against all manner of beasts that lurk in the forest and respect the the ancient elven laws regarding the sanctity of their realm. After the death of King Aëdgar's previous wife, the king remarried the younger sister of the current queen of Arëlla, Princess Elithyl. The first time a king of Amnor has married an elven princess, further strengthening the bonds between to two kingdoms. In more recent times, rumors that the elves are starting to block access to certain parts of the forest to outsiders have begun and some report strange ancient rituals are taking place deep within the elven Kingdom. Some in the Amnorish royal court have even started to speculate that the new queen is plotting to install her own son the young Prince Elluín as the next king of Amnor rather then Prince Wilfyn - his eldest son to first wife Queen Ríona.   Amnor also enjoys good diplomatic relations with the wealthy nation of Asteasea to the south-east. Although Asteasea remains neutral in all conflicts, the Kingdom of Amnor often relies on it's neighbour across the Sea of Three Crowns for mercenaries and loans during times of war.   The the west lies the Great Eldvar Steppe, and the countless tribes of nomadic steppefolk who live there. It has been many many centuries since the last invasion by these bow-wielding, horse-riding, nomadic peoples and Amnorish merchants often venture into the steppe to trade their wares. However, Amnor always keeps a full garrison of soldiers and well manned watchtowers along this border, constantly on the look out for ominous clouds of dust on the horizon.  

    The wedding of King Aëdgar and Princess Elithyl

    The wedding of King Aëdgar and Princess Elithyl

    Trade & Transport

    A market in Amros
    A market in Amros
      The Kingdom of Amnor is one of richest domains in Eldvar, second only to Asteasea. It has a well-developed economy, based on trade with neighboring kingdoms and bustling market centers. It is a food producing nation and exports larges amounts of dried and salted foods as well as fine wines and cheeses. It imports large amounts of weaponry for it's army as well as exotic spices and silks. All trade in Amnor must be conducted in certified trading centers so that transactions can be taxed. The only accepted currency in the kingdom is Asteasean Dragonari, which is the standard currency for most nations in the north.

    Honour, Duty, King

    Eldvar Map
    Founding Date
    632 TA
    Geopolitical, Kingdom
    Government System
    Monarchy, Absolute
    Economic System
    Market economy
    Asteasean Dragonari
    Major Exports
  • Livestock

  • - Wine
    - Fruits & Vegetables
    - Ale
    - Horses
    Major Imports
  • Weapons

  • - Mercenaries
    - Siege equipment
    - Spices
    - Silk
    Notable Members

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    Cover image: [center][i]The Knights of Amnor[/i][/center]
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    For a first article, this is incredible article! There's enough information on the history and culture that I get a good sense of what your world and country are like. On the other hand, its not so much information that I feel lost. Its a good balance.
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