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The Kingdom of Kholdôr

The crow is the only beast well fed in this sodden land of fear and dread.
  • Unknown bard.


      The Kingdom of Kholdôr is one of the Northern Realms of Eldvar, lying east of The Kingdom of Amnor . It is located on a peninsula and is surrounded on almost all sides by The Howling Sea. To its south lies the mouth of The Sea of Three Crowns and just beyond that wealthy nation of Astesea .   Most of The Kingdom of Kholdôr is a war ravaged, sodden lowland where little grows. Most inhabitants scratch out a living farming what little fertile land there is, fishing and raiding.    
    Kingdom of Kholdor
    King Gredwalyn I is greeted by the townsfolk of Rôkal.

    Notable Locations

        Rôkal- The capital city and the seat of power. Located on the northern most tip of the Khôldor peninsula.
    Ñyrn - A small coastal town southwest of Rôkal, known to be extremely hostile to outsiders.
    Aldhelm - An ancient fortified tower, built to mark the border with the Kingdom of Amnor.
    Ergoth - A market town in the southeast, home to the Fen Blades a notorious company of brigands & cutthroats.
    Mirium- An aging fort on the southern end of the peninsular that overlooks the mouth of the Sea of Three Crowns.

    Coat of Arms

      The Kingdom of Khôldor's coat of arms is two grey ornate long swords crossed over each other against a black background and symbolises the Khôldorian fighting spirit.

    Never Beaten

    Geopolitical, Kingdom
    Head of State
    Government System
    Monarchy, Absolute
    Power Structure
    Autonomous area
    Economic System
    Mixed economy
    Asteasean Dragonari
    Official State Religion
    Official Languages
    Neighboring Nations

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