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Welcome to Athír. A sprawling earth like world rich in history and cultures, where mighty realms rise and fall, terrifying beasts roam and mysterious ancient wonders lay waiting to be explored.   The world has changed greatly since the time of the gods, creator beings known as the Archons, who shaped Athír. Their presence has faded over the centuries, into one of folktale and legends. However, a great sense of foreboding has descended upon much of the world.   Sages, scholars and oracles from all over Athír are seeing signs that the gods may not remain silent for long. Huge armies are mustering in distant lands, sightings of ancient and mysterious beasts are becoming more frequent and once mighty empires are beginning to crumble.   Is this the dawning of a new era, or is it the end of civilization as we know it?

Athír is a work in progress passion project of mine, one that I hope will one day be detailed enough for anyone to use as a setting in their RPGs. It is a low magic world (magic does exist but is extremely rare) set in a medieval earth like framework.
I am more than happy to open this project up to contributors, so please feel free to let me know if you'd like to help forge a part of

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