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A city on the Jeraci Capital of Moneyye

"A beacon of nothing more than a billion slums, that's what happens when you base your entire livelihoods off a resource that dries up."
Venruth is one of the largest cities on the 4th Empire of Jerace capital world of Moneyye. It is one of the most recent cities to rise up, especially on Moneyye. It has gained most of its power and population from one of the largest pure furum ore deposits ever found.   It is considered an industrial-mining city, with much of its industry settled around the furum ore. The city's industry is near entirely owned by a single mining conglomerate, Von-Rith Mining Co. It is from this corporation that the entire city gets its name.   Despite the city only recently gaining many civilians and traction, the earliest founding of any sort of population centre began around 3012. Back then it mainly survived as a rural town. Many of the descendants of this town would leave during the mass migration to the area, however a few managed to get rich off of the new resource.
Founding Date
3012 (Earliest Founding) 4720 (Modern City)
Large city
Location under
Notable People   Livina Ruslanavo
Livina Ruslanavo was born in Venruth to Korzeth and Rosalie Ruslanavo, as was her younger sister Vanya Ruslanavo. She left the city when she was six for the smaller city of Berna. Since then she was a Jeraci Domestic Intelligence Agent, and a current agent of Federation Federal Intelligence.

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