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Surrender Speech of Crotaphi to the Grekelski Military

The following speech was delivered to the military at the close of the Swamp Battle, when King Crotaphi of the Grekelski ordered his troops to surrender to the elven General Kamelo. The speech was both given to senior officers, and written and disseminated to the unit commanders. The text of the surrender speech is as follows:     My Warriors -   This is your king and Commander Crotaphi. It is with great sadness, but greater pride in your honor and ferocity, your loyalty, and your willingness to die for our people that I must make a new command.   It is my duty to care for our people and see to their best interests. I cannot allow you, our females, and our offspring to perish for lack of my proper consideration of our circumstances. I must act to protect and preserve our future as a people.   Therefore, it is with no lack of pride or confidence in your willingness or honor, but with consideration of the great resources of our opponents, and the offer by them of a compromise that preserves our people, that I order you to lay down your arms and sumbit to the commands of General Kamelo, and his duly appointed officers of the elven military.   In return for our surrender, the elven government, led by the Green Lady, has offered to bring our people to a swampland suitable for mating and raising of our offspring in the heart of the Echovad Forrest near Fellalond. I believe this offer was made in good faith, and will end our conflict with the elves and provide the opportunity for a prosperous outcome for our people.   I am proud of you, my soldiers and my people. There is no dishonor in this.   May Saynleh mark your path.


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