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It had... boundaries, limits. A place where it was not.   How odd.   He looked at it and wondered. There had never been one such as this. He knew that. He knew everything. Everything except what this was. He struggled to formulate something.   A question.   "What is it?" he asked himself.   "A person," she said. "I made it. It is like you."   "Me? Like me? I am not like it."   "I did not say that. I said it was like you."   "It has boundaries. Places where it is not. It is not like me, or like you." He was filled with disdain at the thought.   "Yes, it is like you, but just a little. It needs to build things."   "But that is barely like me at all."   "I know dear, it would take many different of these to begin to truly be like you. I am just not as good at building things as you are, so I could only build a thing that is a little like you."   That was true. She was better at many things than he was, but he was better at building things. Perhaps she could only make things with boundaries. It would be nice if she could make something better than that though. Then he could make things together with her, and she could know the joy of making.   He reached out to smudge it out.   "No! I made it! You can not unmake it."   "Why not?" he asked himself.   "Because I love it. I made it. It is like you."   "You love it? What does that mean?"   "It means that you cannot unmake it."   "But I want to show you how to make a better one."   "I would like that."   He reached out to smudge it out.   "NO! You cannot unmake it."   "But I want to show you how to make a better one."   "You may, just make another one."   "Another one?"   "Yes, then it will be yours, and you can love it too."   "But I unmake them all the time."   "Yes, I know, but you do not make them like me. If you did, you would love it."   "I would?" he asked.   "Yes, dear, you would."   Then it occurred to him. These questions were surprisingly useful. They expanded boundaries.   Wait. He had no boundaries. He looked at her confused. How could he look at her? When did she become -   "I wondered when you would notice," she said. Then smudged him out.


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15 Oct, 2022 06:59

I absolutely live this dialog!

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15 Oct, 2022 14:34

Just... WOW... I'm in awe! :D

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Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia
15 Oct, 2022 22:30