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#37 - The Labyrinth of Passing Report

General Summary

Stepping away from the family life of The Beacons of Hope, Moon decided that it was time to send some of his crew to pick up some interesting loot. He brought in a group and explained that there is a tomb not far from there in Casia Forest that has a load of artificer loot that could be useful to either scrap, use or sell, but that he didn't want anyone alerted to what they were doing so he was sending his best.    Moon explained that he didn't know what was in there but that they should be prepared for a fight and for traps because he would certainly trap his own prized possessions. He sent them in the direction of where he had his contact - a logging camp within the forest run by a couple of gnomes.    The group of tabaxis reached the forest and it didn't take them long to find the logging camp. Instead of gnomes, however, they found a lot of kobolds, armed to the teeth with various gadgets and potions. The kobolds told the group that there was problems in the tomb and they had just stolen stuff from the entrance but they were welcome to go in. They told them that they were going to tell Trax about all the stuff they found.   The tabaxis headed into the vault and worked their way through it. The place was dark and they were only able to see because of their darkvision. The braziers were lit with ever glowing artificial flames and there was a looming sense of being watched here too. They found themselves dealing with minotaur skeletons and a voice boomed through the tomb in a strange language.  
"New Challengers..."
  The door opened up after a clicking of machinery and found themselves in a whole labyrinth with traps and puzzles to solve. They soon made their way to the final room and discovered that this had once been a church of some kind, to worship some sort of god, and discovered a minotaur stuck in this form when he had not been a minotaur before. They also discovered a strange conduit style piece that they took with them as their only source of treasure in here.   The group decided to take him away from this place and returned him to Moon HQ to be part of the team. As they arrived, they found Moon talking to a pirate captain, Captain Kat, and she took the conduit because she needed it. It was a key that was needed to be used by two warforged she knew.
Report Date
18 Jun 2021
Primary Location


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