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Sodai, the Light-Bringer

What use is it to worry? Either we can act, and then why worry about it, or we can't, and why worry about what we can't change?  
— Sodai
Sodai is one of the most experienced Kaia to plunge the unknown of Araea. He has been to every known and any unknown parts of Araea, and seen more than most ever will. Far from being deterred by any of the countless horrors he has barely survived, wanderlust holds it grip on his soul as a vice. Even now, as he has begun to advance in age and the many consequences of his adventures begin to accumulate, Sodai remains almost inhumanely indefatigable. There's always something new to see, somewhere to go, and something to find.  
Come now, what's the worst that could happen?  
— Sodai
  Sodai is a man of average height, unremarkable save for the many scars and minor mutations that mar his body - and his ever-bright, ever-present smile. No matter how grim the situation, Sodai possesses an attitude of easy-going optimism that equally endears people to him, or infuriates them. While not nihilistic, Sodai has long since accepted that he will likely face his end on one of these adventure, and when it comes, there's probably very little he will be able to do about it. Death comes easy in the dangerous underworld, from cave-ins and monsters to disease and exposure. Why worry which form his will take? Instead, Sodai cherishes what each adventure brings, every sight unseen by anyone before, every mystery solved, every abominable horror he managed to outrun.  
Imagine what else lies beyond! I mean, besides the monsters.  
— Sodai
  Between expeditions, Sodai has a home in every city - even the insular DhanĂ» - but has a special place in his heart for Mharaji. Together with his team of Kaia, Sodai maintains a permanent base in Mharaji, both as a place to rest and recover, and as a place to store trophies, interesting finds, or particularly neat looking rocks. The city in turn treat Sodai has somewhat of a folk-hero, and he is happy to teach those he inspire the ways of the Kaia, though he is a much more able explorer than he is a teacher, with a tendency to suddenly disappear when some distant adventure grabs his attention.  
If there are gods somewhere down there, they must be cruel.   That is why we must be kind.  
— Sodai
by Midjourney
The Kaia - The Bold Ones   Kaia are explorers - they brave the dark unknown of Araea in search of resources, new routes, fresh lands, and more. It is a dangerous but lucrative path, wandered for long only by those of cunning, determination, and endurance. Where others cover from the darkness, Kaia challenge it.   Read More About the Kaia


Sodai is a Kaia-Tene, or lightbringer. These Kaia are responsible for lighting the path for their team, keeping stuck and rationing their supplies of light, and finding more out in the wild. Theirs is among the most vital of tasks in a Kaia team: the dark can kill as readily as hunger or thirst in the depths of Araea.    
Kaia-Tene, the Light-Bearer
Rank/Title | Dec 19, 2018

Kaia-Tene are the light-bearers of the Kaia teams, tasked not only with tending their precious sources of light but also rationing them for the entire expedition

Don't worry, if we run out of torches, I can light the way with my beaming smile!  
— Sodai

Sodai's Travel Log

Besides his travels, Sodai is a relentless storyteller, happy to tell tales of everywhere he has been and everything he has seen to anyone who'll listen - and many who doesn't. Thaein, one of his closest companions and carthographer, has taken to writing down everything his friend says. That way, when they are finally claimed by darkness, some of their light will still remain in the world.  

Sodai's Favorite Food

Ah, a taste of home to bring with you, no matter how far your journey.
A popular comfort food across Araea, Kindly Eggs are cooked balls of insect meat and egg, mushrooms, fungi, and herbs, with a deep savory taste and hints of sweetness. No matter where he goes, Sodai will always attempt to cook some for whatever folk he meet for the first t ime.  
Mm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Come on, give me one!  
— Sodai
Kindly Eggs
Item | Dec 18, 2022

A popular comfort food across Araea, Kindly Eggs are fried balls of insect meat and egg, mushrooms, fungi, and herbs, with a deep savory taste and hints of sweetness.



Some say the unknown is terrifying, but to us, it is an irresistible lure! I'll admit, the lure is sometimes attached to a predator.  
— Sodai
Patala, the Descent
Geographic Location | Jul 28, 2022

An expanse at the edge of the known world, beckoning the brave and the ambitions.



Well, at least it's bright.
Geographic Location | Mar 23, 2019

A region of smoke and fire in the Far Deep, Hkata is not a land for the faint of heart. Between the rivers of magma and the jagged black rock, there is beauty and danger in the hazy darkness here.


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Jul 13, 2023 14:23 by Morgan Biscup

Sodai, My Love! <3   I am so happy to see he has an article now! Not as happy as Sodai - I don't know if anyone can ever match his optimism - but I'm pretty darn close. His quotes always make me smile.

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Sodai says: "That's ok! I'll be optimistic enough for both of us, and share it!"

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Sodai is a great guy! I wish I could be his friend <3

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What a sweet and genuinely nice guy! (Are you sure that you made him Q?!?) I love that he's a happy beacon of light bopping along in the darkness!

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