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Sometimes referred to as the Batavian Psionics Corporation (PsiCorp), these are the people responsible for creating the psionic Cagher, such as Talacal Hayateras, Arrun Murena, and Abi Suusoret.
  Their research team consists of the Empire's brightest minds, including Professor Nomi Nuyran.

Generation 0: The Prototypes

This generation is defined as the mentally gifted sorts that helped to topple the other settlements on Ambracia.

Generation 1: The Stable

Starting with the trio (Abi, Talacal, and Arrun), these are the first that showed any real signs of psionic ability. With the Emperor's blessing, they were surgically implanted with tracking devices, and fitted for psi-dampening cowls for when they're not deployed.

Generation 2: The Production Line

Built from the ground-up to be more subservient to the Emperor, implanted early on with a detachment point in their necks, and psi-dampening measures inside of their skulls that can be activated, or deactivated, per the Emperor's request.
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