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It still haunts me, you know? The screams, the heat, the gods-forsaken scrape of metal against bone... I would have suffered the same as they, but my breastplate dulled the bite of that Reaper's infernal, tainted blade, and gave me but one chance to pump the bastard full of white-hot plasma. Their corpse- dead a second time- pinned me to the ground. Because of that thing, I nearly missed the last shuttle offworld, but arrived, out of breath, lungs burning.
— Naron, light infantryman
  Known otherwise as draconians, or dragonborn, these anthropoid dragons once called Drekiheimur their homeworld, before the legions of undeath marched coreward from the Viok reach. Now, the remnants reside in migrant flotillas and the occasional refugee settlement.

Physical Description

Looking sometimes like dragons who'd simply learned to walk upright, and sometimes looking like humans with vaguely draconic features, the drekiri physiology is almost as varied as human ethnicities. Only a few elements remain consistent throughout: humanoid posture, claws, snout filled with sharp teeth, and protrusions(horns, antlers, etc) from the head. Some drekiri have tails, some have wings. Some have catlike pupils, while some have blank irises. Some possess an organ in their respiratory tract that allows them to project flames or acid, while others gain a hardened set of scales.

Home World

Their homeworld, Drekiheimur, is something that the drekiri had to abandon as the Sirahmaot closed in from the fringes, charring and poisoning the once lush landscape into an inhospitable nightmare.

Society and Alignment

Built upon a strict caste system, the drekiri are bound by regulation, and rules.


Though the UGF and the Drekiri Royal Houses maintained a tenuous alliance, there never was any open warfare between the two. Because of their structured upbringing, and adherence to the rules, they are given to Lawful alignments, but are not beholden, in general, to being all good, or all evil.


The caste system kept most would-be adventurers in check, but those with a strong enough yearning are able to shed the shackles of the system, and set sail among the stars. Now, though, with the old system in shambles, and with the lowborn majority having the freedom to hold destiny in their own hands, there are many drekiri spreading across the stars in search of glory, fortune, or their own fate.

A Difference in Opinions, and the Parting of Ways

While the Drekiri have a long-standing tradition of martial prowess and keen etiquette, there was a movement early on, that wanted to turn to technology and the sciences for betterment. These people, the so-called "Dreikusuri", came to blows with their peers, and after the ashes of the small conflict settled, they gathered themselves, with technology they had rightful ownership of, and set to the stars on a cathedralship that their leader commanded.


Drekiri follow what are, collectively, known as The Six(or, Khe Zi Kes).  It is from these six paragons that devotees of the faith learn Strength, Courage, Justice, Purity, Devotion, and Knowledge. It is said that the Dreikusuri were once radical adherents of Yokham, who, with their knowledge, sought to improve themselves beyond what mere evolution would provide.


The drekiri military is as varied and separate as the people of Drekiheimur. Heading the military might are the Royal Guardsmen, valiant protectors and stalwart warriors in service to the royal houses. Rubbing shoulders with the Guardsmen, the Chaplains of the Six guide drekiri forces with prayer and wisdom alike. Infantry is composed of various echelons of society, from lowborn militias to highly trained warrior-servants (think knights, samurai, etc), and some among them are trained in boarding action, qualifying them for the vaunted title of Royal Marines.

RPG Information

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Ability Adjustments: +2 Str, +2 Cha, -2 Wis
Hit Points: 6
Size and Type: Drekiri are Medium humanoids with the draconic subtype.
Draconic Ancestry: Long ago, draconic influence took root among the drekiri heritage, imbuing the race with potent abilities, and distinct evolutions. Choose one type of dragon from the Draconic Ancestry table. Your breath weapon and damage resistance are determined by the dragon type, as shown in the table.
Breath Weapon: Located within the neck of a drekiri is a gland that produces raw elemental energies. As a standard action, you can exhale this energy in a destructive burst. While it starts at 1d6 damage(based upon your heritage), at 3rd level, you add 1-1/2 x character level to the damage. Those caught in the blast can attempt a Reflex save for half damage (DC = 10 + half the dragonkin's character level + his Constitution modifier). A drekiri can't use this ability again until he has taken a 10-minute rest to recover Stamina Points, or spends a Resolve Point.
Ancestry Breath Type(Burst Shape) Save
Black Acid(30 ft line) Dex
Blue Lightning(30 ft line) Dex
Brass Fire(30 ft line) Dex
Bronze Lightning(30 ft line) Dex
Copper Acid(30 ft line) Dex
Gold Fire(15 ft cone) Dex
Green Poison(15 ft cone) Con
Red Fire(15 ft cone) Dex
Silver Cold(15 ft cone) Con
White Cold(15 ft cone) Con
Ancestral Resistance: You have resistance to the damage dealt by your breath weapon.
Draconic Vision: Drekiri gain darkvision with a range of 60 feet and low-light vision, meaning they can see in dim light as if it were normal light.
Stalwart and Cultured: Being of a regal society, combined with an inherent imposition due to their apparent draconic ancestry, drekiri gain a +2 to Intimidate and Culture checks.

Vital Stats

Average Height: 6 ft 1 in
Average Weight: 163 lbs
Age of Maturity: 15
Maximum Age: 220 + 20d20 years

Random Starting Ages

Adulthood Intuitive Self-Taught Trained
15 years +1d8 years
+3d8 years
+7d8 years

Random Height and Weight

Sex Base Height Modifiers Base Weight Modifiers
Male 5' 8" +3d4 in
(5' 11" - 6' 8")
150 lbs x(4d4) lb
(158 - 182)
Female 5' 6" +3d4 in
(5' 9" - 6' 6")
140 lbs x(4d4) lb
(144 - 172)
Height = base height + height modifier
Weight = base weight + (height modifier x weight modifier

Alternate Traits

Winged: In lieu of the draconic gland, your ancestry has manifested in a magnificent set of wings. Initially, these wings can be used for limited flight(30 feet, clumsy maneuverability), but must end movement on the ground, or else fall. At level 5, a drekiri no longer suffers this limitation, and their maneuverability bumps up to average.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Nobilis draconis legatum
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