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Land of the animalfolk, awakened animals, and Halflings.


Animus is an irregular shaped island that has a wide variety of terrain types. There are forests, heavy forests, mountains, rain forests, heavy jungle, rolling hills, foothills, grasslands, geysers, swamps, barren areas and beaches. As well as plentiful water in the form of rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.

Fauna & Flora

Animus has a wide variety of terrain and food is plentiful. There are a normal distribution of food, medicinal and ornamental plants. Most only gained hands and/or speech, others became fully humanoid. Various avian tribes only gained speech, although bat tribes gained hands on their wings. Many fish and insects are still animals, as well as cows and horses, of course some have evolved too.There are always exceptions to any rule. Tribes usually fall into similar breeds, but other alliances are possible. Predators rarely live happily with prey. The tribes often bicker but it seldom leads to war. Corvids (crows/ravens) often become companions/followers/cohorts of magic users as they are very intelligent and like the feel of magic.

Natural Resources

Animus is plentiful in all types of natural resources, and it is has been mostly untouched since the Chaos Wars. The inhabitants are careful to husband its natural beauty and resources so it keeps supporting them at need. Of course, were the vermin roam they often leave destruction in their wake. What minerals are buried in the earth and retrieved by the moles at need.
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