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Medium humanoid (animalfolk)

Written by Pookas Kreations

Badgen are a race of anthropomorphic badgers. They live on the Dragon Turtle Hyna Yilane, she is mostly covered in forests. They are nomadic rovers, many with a natural wanderlust.

They often visit nearby shorelines to raid and/or trade. Often looking for new lands to settle, but sometimes just to explore new locations.

Basic Information


Basic humanoid type, animalfolk, badgen.

Biological Traits

Badgen have long, weasel-like heads and small ears. Their tails vary in length depending on species; some have a very short tail, while others can be up to 20 inches long, depending on their age. They have black faces with distinctive white markings, grey, black, brown or red bodies with a light-colored stripe from head to tail, and dark legs with lighter underbellies.

Genetics and Reproduction

Badgen prefer other badgen for reproduction. They tend to have 1-2 children at a time, gestation can last 6-12 months. After 6 years the young transition into adults and are able to have young of their own.

A rare few liaisons between Lutra have been known, as their races are sometimes compatible.

Growth Rate & Stages

See half-orc tables in the PHB.

Ecology and Habitats

Any temperate, but most live on the Dragon Turtle Hyna Yilane.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Badgen are mostly omnivorous, they love a good meat and vegetable stew or pie.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Their society is based on a military structure, with equality for all (race or sex). Their women fight alongside the men. Leaders are often fighters/barbarians. They have a racial hatred of all goblinoids, because this race enjoys killing indiscriminately.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Some Badgen hire out as mercenaries. The often like to prove their prowess in battle.

Facial characteristics

Their features are a little broader but with a shorter snout than a traditional badger.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They mostly live on Hyna Yilane, but have been known to settle in any temperate area across Aquatica.

Average Intelligence

Badgen are very intelligent. They have magic users but don't believe in using it in battle, as it is against their code of honor to use magic when others aren't. They prefer hand to hand combat than ranged. Badgen are excellent weapon smiths and will imbue their weapons and armor with magic.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Darkvision 60 ft, stone sense (as tremorsense 10 ft), and stonecunning (sense unusual stonework)

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male: stonefist, bearclaw, tigerfang, stonepaw, sunflash, brocktree, bluestrip.

Female: Lotusflower, oakleaf, bella, cregga, auma, rowanbloom, muta.

Major Organizations

  • Moritasgus temple and school of healing. Stonefists hall of martial training.

Beauty Ideals

Badgen like striking coloring and head shape.

Gender Ideals

They believe in gender equality, to them there is no difference in the sexes. Merit, skill and honor all play a part in your station in life.

Women bear children which is thought to be a very important role, but they aren't relegated to just that. They can fill any role that they have skill in.

Courtship Ideals

The female chooses her mate. Everything depends on the female and her family accepting her suitor. He needs to earn her hand by showing his honor, strength and courage in various ways.

Relationship Ideals

Badgen believe in family unity and strength, but male badgen past puberty are often afflicted with a wanderlust and yearning to prove themselves in battle. Two male badgen under one roof can come to blows because of the fire in their blood. In many this develops into the bloodfire (battlerage). When this develops one male must leave.

Average Technological Level

They are excellent craftsmen especially with weapons, armor, stonework, and boat-building. Their architecture and art is stunning to behold

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Their major language is Badgen, but Lutran, common and others are known.

Common Etiquette Rules

Badgen are often stoic and solemn, but they can also be jolly and quick to humor. The are friendly to others they meet, and they hold honor, fairness, and justice as their highest ideals.

Common Dress Code

Common clothes worn are kilts, vest, blouse, skirt or dress, of course depending on their vocation.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Their society is like a combination of Native American, Viking and Pacific Islander (Maori). It is nomadic, rough and tumble.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Counting coup and raiding.

Common Taboos

Using magic in battle, murder, stealing


Badgen as a race were created during the Chaos Wars. A group of humans were fishing off the coast of Animus when a Wild Magic Storm hit. As a result they were fused genetically with a sett (colony) of badgers.

In the confusion that ensued they, drifted at sea and crashed on the Dragon Turtle Hyna Yilane. She guided them to create the society that they became in the current day.

Historical Figures

  • Stonefist is one of the first Badgen to reach Mythic status and so is entombed in the Hall of Heroes. Moritasgus was once mortal, but ascended to godhood for his accomplishments.

Common Myths and Legends

Moritasgus the Great Badger of Healing is one of their Gods.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Lutra are one of their closest allies. They have good relations with most honorable races, mainly the animalfolk, elves, gnomes and fey. The Badgen and Dwarves and are in open competition for commerce and resources.

They distrust most Atlantians and their descendants because of the ramifications that have happened to Aquatica in the aftermath of the Chaos Wars.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Mustilidae Melinae (european badger) or Homo Mori Tasgos (sea badger)
Fur color, tail length and size are the only variations between Badgen.
80+ years
Average Height
6 ft +
Average Weight
160-280 lbs
Average Physique
Badgen have a massive build and are treated as being one size category larger for wielding weapons.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their body fur is mostly brown or reddish-brown with black and white stripes or patches.

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