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Eximia is the capital of Nitadus, it is a very large city reinforced with massive walls of stone, steel, and magic. The people inside the city are the ones who have fully embraced the ideals set forth by the Declaration of Rights and Restrictions and there fore you can find all manner of creatures doing all manner of things. There is a bustling market where almost anything in the world can be bought.


The population is mostly human but there is the widest variety of people to be found anywhere with creatures ranging from demons to Aasimar living peacefully within.


It is controlled fully be the Nitadian Government


This city is protected by massive magical stone and steel walls but is also protected by The Guard who function as a police for the city as well as a military if the need arises.


The industry in the city is widely varied as people of any trade can practice in the city and the market is large enough for many different trades to succeed. The city sends out and receives large shipments of goods to and from Simba.


The roads all across the city are well kept and maintained and there is even a magically controlled waste disposal system that runs beneath the roads to almost all houses. There is also a magically controlled sewer system that brings fresh water to all people of the city. The city has intricately infused magic into the everyday life.


The City was first founded in the year 0 alongside the country but was completely remodeled in the year 143 when the current democratic government took control of the country.


The architecture is very modern with magic often being used to compliment the work. Almost all buildings are made of stone and some are even enchanted to appear to be made out of many different things: there are even some buildings that appear to be made entirely of gold.


It sits in an area that was once a dense forest but that has been cleared away to make room for the city adn the surrounding farms.

Natural Resources

There is grain from the farms outside of the city but it mostly survives off of trade and the production of merchandise from raw materials.
100 000
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Calun Ruleheart
Owning Organization
Nitadian Government
Characters in Location
Calun Ruleheart
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