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Alterra is world with two major continents as well as a smaller continent down to the south of the planet. This world is based in 5th edition dungeons and dragons but has a significant amount of homebrew. The two continents are starkly different in many respects but the most significant is the level of divine intervention and residual arcane energy.


Hatren is a continent ruled over by over-active gods who intervene as their whims see fit, as a result the entire continent is ridden with power and magic far beyond what could be considered normal elsewhere in the world. The downside to all of the residual energy is that many monsters and beasts end up absorbing the energy to become far more fearsome than one might expect to find naturally.


Cascen on the other hand is where the old gods still function as they always have and is therefore almost completely bereft of powerful magics and beasts. The people in Cascen live much like people did in Earth's Middle ages in Europe. They have of course still some magic and the occasional hero or group of heroes that make history will come around to deal with some threat of godly proportion. The people of Cascen live in fear of an invasion from the people of Hatren but they assume after 150 years of knowing about this continent that they simply do not realise that they are the only ones with the level of power they possess.

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  • Map of Cascen

    One of the two main continents in Alterra, Cascen is much lower in magical presence than Hatren but has much more history and varied culture. The

  • Map of Continent of Hatren

    A continent ruled over by the Pantheon Of Eight, a group of 8 gods who decided that there needed to be more divine intervention in the world. Each God founded their own country and protect in exchange for the worship of those within it. There is trade with outside continents but there are very few people who dare enter into the continent as the magic and god given gifts of the people of this continent are equal to the most powerful warriors and mages of other continents. As a result of constant divine intervention there is an abundance of residual arcane and divine energy that many monsters, demons, devils, and people who seek to do evil will seek out to empower themselves.