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Nitadus is one of the larger countries in Hatren and is the greatest military power on the continent. Nitadus is a country in worship of Valai'ista and draws it's great might from Valai'ista's power. It is a country that has made great advancements in the understanding and application of magic. A great source of it's might is the existence of the Adventurer's Guild which has allowed it to focus it's military might on wars and conquest as well as protection of the borders as opposed to sending them to deal with the great magical threats that arrive within its borders.


Nitadus occupies land that is mostly covered with forests and open plains. It is against the east coast of Hatren and uses this to its advantage for trade. In the southern part of the country there is a desert where many people go to worship Valai'ista. To the north west of the country there are large plains os exposed rock that are used to extract various metals.

Flora & Fauna

The forests that cover most of the country are home to a wide variety of animals and plants though most of them can be found all over the continent. In the deserts to the south however the fauna and flora change wildly. Down in the deserts life is fierce and all local species reflect it. The desert is filled with harsh and dangerous creatures that could kill a human in one bite. Even the plants in that area are known to be carnivorous to get hydration from the blood of passing animals due to lack of rainfall. The rocky plains to the north west are almost void of plant life except for small grasses and most animal life consists of small predators and herbivores that can subsist off of small grasses.

Natural Resources

In the forests there is plenty of wood that is used for trade and the plains along the rivers are used for farming to create substantial amounts of grain. There are also plenty of metals in the North West that are harvested and used for trade or creation of tools and other items.
Included Locations
Calun Ruleheart
Owning Organization
Nitadian Government

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