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Nitadian Government

The ruling democracy of Nitadus founded in the year 143 when the upper and middle classes had had enough of being ruled over by royalty without any proper say in the matters of the country. The elected head of state and government is known as the president and a new election is held every five years but an early election can be called by either the president, the senate, or a public agreement of over 50 000 people. The government is controlled by the Declaration of Rights and Restrictions that was created by the first president Rei Shai leading up to his election. There is also a senate of elected officials that represent the citizens in government with one senator for every 10 000 citizens. The senate can over rule any decision made by the president and the two must come to an agreement before a law can be passed.


The government is run by the President who is the elected official to be in charge of the country. The senate has equal power to the president and must come an agreement with them for a law to be passed. Beneath them there are the heads of departments who make important decisions about different sections of the government's influence

Public Agenda

To protect NItadus and maintain it's prosperous economy


Literally the entire wealth of the country


The current government was formed in the year 143 and has been slowly developing since then


The government has dominion on the main territory of Nitadus and no more. Due to the method of creation of the countries in Hatren they do not have any colonies.


The Nitadian Government has the most well armed and well trained Army in all of Hatren. They have a military that is only closely rivaled by Frigas they are both constantly on the verge of entering war. They have significant military force with 200 000 active members of the military which also functions as a policing force during times of peace known as The Guard.

Technological Level

The technology in Nitadus is equivalent to the mid 1700's on Earth but there is also the accent of widespread magic so there are many more advanced technologies than would be present with the scientific level of the period.


Almost all people in Hatren follow Octodeism.

Foreign Relations

The Nitadian government is constantly at odds with the ruling class of Frigas and has established significant trade agreements with Catrus. The government has not entered any agreements with Tarjteir but they both allow significant trade to happen.

Agriculture & Industry

Due to the vast amount of open fields and empty plains in Nitadus there is a large amount agriculture that helps fuel the international trade alongside the logging of the vast forests. There are also some mines in the west end of Nitadus where they have found extensive veins of metals.

Trade & Transport

There are a series of roadways that are used to transport goods as well as the rivers which are often used to transport goods headed out to sea or to s trading city on the coast. The Nitadian Government entered a trade agreement with Catrus in 176 which removes many of the taxes on goods crossing the border between the two nations. The goods traded range from grains and wood to intricate carvings to enchanted weapons.


Education is not widely viewed as important beyond a rudimentary level outside of the capital city. In most cities the average citizen learned the basics of mathematics and how to read and write as a child and manny don't remember it all to well. Within the capital however there is a very big emphasis on learning and new discoveries and many people are capable of reading clearly and writing in clear print with a quill. It is also common to be able to perform complex mathematical feats such as doing multiplication without any paper.
Founding Date
On the 18th of Surosp 143
Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Head
Calun Ruleheart
Head of State
Calun Ruleheart
Head of Government
Calun Ruleheart
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
The three main coins CP SP GP
Major Exports
Nitadus's main export is food and other plant products although there is also significant exporting of raw metals and metal worked goods.
Major Imports
Nitadus imports many different advanced crafts from Tarjteir that simplify the lives of the citizens as well as many exotic foods, animals, and materials from overseas that are used in the execution of magic and creation of detailed crafts.
Legislative Body
The laws are written by the President and the senate as they come to agreements on what is best for the country and its citizens.
Judicial Body
The laws are carried out by the law enforcement officers known as The Guard. The High Court is responsible for determining whether or not someone suspected of a crime is guilty or not.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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