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Aelta is a smaller nation just south of Glad O' Vil'li and to the west of Nitadus. It is in worship of the god Pekut'ta and therefore does not have much advanced technologies. It is ruled over and controlled by the Aeltan Royalty who determine all if its laws and are the final and supreme judicial force.


Aelta is located on in a vast forested area with occasional plains and with a small range of rocky hills that are very rich in minerals and metals in the west. It is rumoured that powerful dragons once lived in the hills and that they were leveled flat by ancients battles with the dragons.

Flora & Fauna

The wildlife in Aelta is no different than the wildlife in all the other forests in Hatren.

Natural Resources

There is plenty of wood and grain that is harvested each year to facilitate construction and feeding the people as well as vast amounts of metals and coal in the rocky hills in the west of its territory that is used for foreign exchange.
Included Locations
Sram Kent
Owning Organization
Aeltan Royalty

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