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Aeltan Royalty

The Aeltan royalty is the family that has been ruling over Aelta for over 700 years. There have been several attempts to overthrow them over the years but the mysterious powers bestowed upon them by an unknown contract made by the first King of Aelta has always let them keep control.


The King or Queen of the country has absolute authority over all laws but they often keep a certain advisers to deal with matters they deem trivial. The nobles of cities have some control over the laws specific to their country but the Monarch still has absolute power.

Public Agenda

They seek to protect the population of Aelta but also uphold the wishes and whims of their god pekut'ta.


This royal family has existed for 700 years and has many fascinating stories: so everyone assumes. There is no record of anything from before the Pantheon of 8 took control and there is no way of knowing what this family was or did in the past.

Demography and Population

The population is rather spread out across the country with a decent concentration in the capital. There are no areas of the country that are barren of settlement as there is not an abundance of land. The birth rate is quite high only ever topped by Persolus during certain eras. The population stays relatively stable as the poor conditions of the common lead to many deaths especially among infants.


Aelta occupies a small territory to the West of Nitadus and just South of Glad O' Vil'li.


Aelta has a smaller military than Nitadus and Frigas but it has a large portion of its population in the armed forces and has many trained soldiers.

Technological Level

The technology of Aelta is around the level of the 1100s in Europe on Earth. There is very little science that is practiced and all gaps are filled in with magic.


Almost all in Hatren follow Octodeism but the majority of the people in Aelta pray to and worship Pekut'ta.

Foreign Relations

Aelta has always had fickle relations with other countries, a non-agression pact was formed with the Gladian Nobility in the year 052 but their relations almost collapsed with the birth of the 37th king's son who was mothered by an elven diplomat. All other countries had no real relation with Aelta as it worked mostly on it's own but the 37th king had attempted to make good relations with Nitadus until a vision from Pekut'ta led him to join the Frigas High Class in their war against Nitadus.

Agriculture & Industry

The country has many large mines for metals and coal in the rocky hills in the west of its territories. It is the only producer of coal outside of Tarjteir in the continent as no other country has any discovered any large veins.

Trade & Transport

The inter city roads are the main method of transport around the city and there are enough that most routes are pretty efficient. The country mainly exports the products of the mines but doesn't have any proper trade agreements arranged with any countries. They sell to both Nitadus and Frigas who are constantly either at war or an the verge of one so the two countries don't want to make a trade agreement with them. Shortly after the turn of the 3rd century Sram Kent was working on improving relations with Nitadus until he got a vision and Joined Frigas in their war against Nitadus.


The upper class recieve a very thorough education on maths, history, language and geography while the rest of the folk often can barely read writing at all.


The infrastructure of the country is quite poor as Pekut'ta does not fancy the technologies of their rival Napak'ka and instead focus more on magic development though they aren't the best at that either. The result is that there are no real systems in place to deal with problems like trash and waste so there are occaisonally severe health issues that spread across the lower classes.
Founding Date
534 B8
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Kingdom of Aelta
Sram Kent
Head of State
Sram Kent
Head of Government
Sram Kent
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
The country exports many raw materials from its mines as well as some finished products made from those materials though Tarjteir capitalizes that market.
Major Imports
The country imports a variety of goods from exotic foods to intricate crafts and magical items. Most resources that the country uses are its own and it is able to be self sufficient if necessary.
Legislative Body
The monarch and those they assign to aid them in this task write all laws for the country.
Judicial Body
The judges appointed by the monarch put the aws in practice but some crimes of extremely high offense land a person a trial with the monarch themselves as the judge.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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