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Aenahcra is the capital city of the kingdom of Aelta and home to the largest castle in all of Hatren. It is also home a large military training field where the majority of the Aeltan royal guard are trained. It is right along a river that allows the imports and exports of goods from around the country and even some with Nitadus depending on the relation with the government at the time.


The population is almost entirely human with the next biggest group being the elves and half elves due to its proximity with Glad O' Vil'li. There are very few rich nobles and the rest of the population lives in relative poverty. The merchants which make up the middle class will occasionally amass great wealth and then be invited into the circle of nobility, but this is very rare.


The government is a royal autocracy with the royal family having absolute power on everything. The Aeltan Royalty determines all laws of the city and the rest of the country though nobles have some effect on the laws of individual cities.


It is surrounded by a magically reinforced wall of wood. The the 35th king ordered the mages at the branch of the Mage Guild to make something to protect the city from attack. The city also has approximately 2000 active guardsmen in the castle and around the city.


The lower classes are all farmers who produce food for themselves and to sell to the rest of the city and country. Aside from farming the city uses the exchange of goods and tricky dealing schemes to keep the necessary goods in place. There are some artisans within the city that create goods from raw materials but it isn't a large source of economy for the city.


There is very little established infrastructure in the city with few roads and even few that are well maintained and no trace of other kinds of services. There is a matermill outside the city walls that is available for the farmers to turn their grain into flour.


This city was first built approximately 500 years B8 and has been remodeled and rebuilt countless times since then. All records of years before 0 P8 have been lost.


The architecture in the city is chaotic and unruly, there are few buildings that look normal and square with most buildings coming with strange outcroppings and unnatural additions. The most jarring and spectacular however is the castle which was expanded and expanded for 700 years until it became the labyrinth of hallways and stairs that it currently is.


It is built in the plain around a river that passes through the central area of Aelta

Natural Resources

The only resource the city exploits is grain that is farmed in the surrounding fields.
30 000
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Sram Kent
Owning Organization
Aeltan Royalty
Characters in Location
Sram Kent

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