Thyris Trugar

Emperor of the Trugarian Empire Thyris Trugar (a.k.a. The Restorer)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Thyris was a strong and tall emperor who kept in shape and trained regularly to keep in shape.

Facial Features

Thyris had a strong, yet sharp face. He had a styled short beard and had a big scar over his left eye.

Apparel & Accessories

Thyris wore simple noble clothes made from silk when in public, but was often seen in his citadel in simple work attire.

Specialized Equipment

Thyris mostly wore medium armor and fought with an arming sword.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Thyris was the second born son of Emperor Lorcan V and Empress Catherine after his older brother Zarichar. He also got a younger sister Zharina only two years later. Their time with their parents were cut short, Thyris only had four years with his mother and six with his father. His parents were victims of the Tru Betrayal which took place in the years A4 601 - A4 605. Thyris was too young to be part of any important parts of the war, but his youth and innocence was not enough to save him from the horrors of the war. The provoker of the war and leader of the Tru Guard Rebellion was the high captain Sir Tristan Hargreave, he had been an advisor to both Thyris' father and grandfather. His goal of creating an oligarchy stratocracy with focus on strength and discipline alongside the signs of weakness shown within the Trugarian Empire the last century made cause of the rebellion which would end with tens of thousands of casualties. Lorcan V personally led the war against Tristan and was rarely around his children, Thyris and his siblings were mostly kept within the The Parador Citadel in Fangorn. The citadel was supposed to protect the imperial family, but in A4 602, only a year into the war, assassins made their way into the citadel and killed Thyris' brother Zarcihar and his mother. He himself barely survived as his mother shielded him from harm with her body. The physicians came in time to save him, but his brother and mother were gone. He had also suffered a sword slash over his left eye, which made him permanently blind on that side. This event made Lorcan more angry than ever, and his tactics and cruelty in war increased by a tenfold. He also made sure his son was taught how to protect himself and that when he got old enough to swing a sword, he would learn to kill with it. Emperor Lorcan never got to see his son come to that age as he was killed during the last battle in the Tru Betrayal called the Battle of Selflessness which took place in the mountain pass north east of Fangorn in a location now known as Tristan's Folly. Lorcan had spread misinformation that he was traveling undercover to seek shelter in Evlora by traveling through the mountain pass, in an attempt to bait Tristan out of Cullfield which he had held for most of the war. The plan worked and Tristan showed up to the battle with most of his army to ensure their victory. Tristan believed it was he who had ambushed Lorcan, but in reality he was the ambushed target. Lorcan had secretly over the last two years of the war been rigging the mountain sides with blackpowder and all other explosions he could muster. It was not enough to win the war by itself, but when Tristan and his men got to Lorcan, he triggered the explosive reaction which made the pass crumble in on itself and killed thousands of enemy soldiers. Tristan managed to kill Lorcan before any rocks could, but was killed by the in coming rockslide. His forces and generals was eventually defeated in the battle and the rebellion was destroyed.   Because of Lorcan's sacrifice, Thyris was left an orphan and was too young to rule. He was crowned the emperor of the Trugarian Empire, but he would appoint his uncle Craztius Trugar as his regent until he came of age. His next two decades were filled with learning tutoring from his uncle and council. Even when his uncle stepped down to let Thyris rule, he was made into the steward of the realm which made him his right hand man, and his opinion and council would become invaluable to Thyris. Thyris grew to become one of the most popular rulers of the empire in recent history and he would rebuild the realm stronger than it was before the Tru Betrayal. He empowered the military and made sure that the weakness which caused the war would never happen again. Thyris also married Laurica Wintrow at an early age and had five children with her. His oldest son was named Zarichar after his brother who he had lost while young. His next child was Nethiri, then the twins Ekemeros and Lorcan and his last child was Zecria. He would not father any more children as at his daughter Zecria's purification baptism, he and the many other nobles present were attacked and killed. Thyris were among the many killed that day including his wife, uncle, sister and all his children except Zarichar who was saved by Vaugn Brinely a captain who would later become high captain of the empire. Thyris left his empire in the hands of his son Zarichar who was still a boy at the time of his death and had witness an atrocity at a young age just like he had. His legacy would live on through his son and the acts he had done as emperor. He would gain the nickname "The Restorer" by many of his people as he had dedicated his life to the realm.




Tutored by his uncle and imperial advisors.


Family Ties


Thyris Trugar


Towards Laurica Trugar

Laurica Trugar


Towards Thyris Trugar

Date of Death
23rd of Xhanathir
598 630 32 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed during the Crimson Baptism
Place of Death
Laurica Trugar (spouse)
Gold with golden irises
Short, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light red
183 centimeters
80 kilo
Known Languages
Common, Infernal


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