Lorcan V Trugar

Emperor of the Trugarian Empire Lorcan V Trugar (a.k.a. Mountain Breaker)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lorcan was of average heigh and weight most of his life, only getting into shape during the Tru Betrayal.

Facial Features

Lorcan had a rather soft face and round face. He also hard four horns, one of which broke during the Tru Betrayal.

Apparel & Accessories

Lorcan wore beautiful and regal robes before the Tru Betrayal. He was rarely seen out of his armor during the war which was of the medium type.

Specialized Equipment

Lorcan became skilled with medium armor and wielding a greatsword.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Emperor Lorcan V Trugar was the emperor during the Tru Betrayal of A4 601. His high captain sir Tristan Hargreave betrayed the imperial family when he declared them and their empire too weak to continue ruling the realm. His reasoning was the weak presentation the family had presented since Lorcan's grandfather Emperor Lorenzus III lost the War of the Woods and lost the western Aboran fields to wood elves. The loss of this important war and continued show of weakness and stagnation within the empire led many of the trugarian soldiers to side with Tristan's idea of making a new empire that would have been a stratocracy where the military ruled. The war was difficult for Lorcan as he was never properly trained to command during war times as his father Tybalt had been sick for half his life and lived a very isolated life because of it. Nonetheless, Lorcan stood up as a commander and led the war against the Tru Guard Rebellion. The war would last for four years and the empire would face many losses before making progress. They lost Cullfield and the Rhunia territory which made Evlora unable to move to help and disconnected the empire from the eastern coast. Bleakburn also funded the rebellion in secret and Revendell was busy with a massive orc raiding party which had severely damaged their trading routes. Lorcan often swayed against what his advisors said he should do as they often called for harsh and sometimes cruel tactics, something Lorcan could not make himself do. This caused more loss of life and led to the loss of the entire east side of the empire by the end of the third year.   But during this time, Lorcan went through a personal trauma. His oldest son Zarichar and wife Catherine had been murdered by assassins sent by Tristan. This loss drove Lorcan close to defeat, but he managed to fight through it and changed much because of it. These harsher methods his advisors and generals came up with became more and more used. His soldiers became more and more disposable in his eyes if it meant victory for the realm. The next two years of warfare were equal with two brutal leaders at the head of each faction. Lorcan also worked on a secret weapon behind the back of most of his people and especially soldiers. He rigged the northern mountain pass to Cullfield with tons and tons of explosions, he planted them for a grand plan he would put in action a year later. He originally meant to blow up the mountain sides to trap a large number of Tristan's soldiers with his own when Tristan eventually pushed for the capital, calculating that thousands of soldiers on both sides would die, but after thinking over the plan for over a year, he decided to change it. Lorcan had lost himself in his grief and let others suffer the price for his pain. He changed the plan to lure Tristan out of Cullfield instead. He did this by offering himself as bait. He had planted information to the right people that he was going to seek shelter in Evlora while planning to besiege Cullfield within a month of his departure. The news got to Tristan and he and a large portion of his army ambushed Tristan alone in the mountain pass. The plan had worked and he was completely surrounded by Tristan's forces. When they charged in to kill Lorcan, he detonated the explosives and shook the entire region. The mountain sides crumbled and crashed into the valley, killing thousands of enemy soldiers, but Lorcan himself was killed by Tristan moments before dying to the in coming rockfall. Lorcan's legacy lived on through his son Thyris Trugar who would be tutored by his uncle who stood in as regent until Thyris came of age. His reign would be a great, but short reign. He managed to restore much of the empire's power and settlements, but would be killed at the young age of 32.




Imperial academy

Intellectual Characteristics

Lorcan was a booksmart king, who would learn military strategy and tactics later in his life.


Family Ties


Lorcan V Trugar


Towards Catherine Trugar

Catherine Trugar


Towards Lorcan V Trugar

Lawful Good
Date of Birth
17th of Thumtir
Date of Death
6th of Al'Akhar
568 605 37 years old
Circumstances of Death
Was killed by Sir Tristan during the last battle of the Tru Betrayal
Place of Death
Tristan's Folly
Catherine Trugar (spouse)
Gold with golden irises
Medium long, shaggy, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light red
181 centimeters
79 kilo
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Infernal


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