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Curse of Withering

(Legacy Content)
The Curse of Withering is a well known magical ailment that causes whatever it is placed on to atrophy and wither - as the name would suggest. Unlike other curses, what makes a Curse of Withering more insidious is that its effects are immediate, and once the target has been sufficiently withered, the curse is automatically dispelled, meaning more powerful healing magics must be used instead of a simple Dispel Curse spell. However, recent advancements in medical technology in Tyrralore - namely the advent of Recoveries - have provided a technological means of curing the curse's effects, allowing for a far less expensive and commercially available alternative.

Transmission & Vectors

Curse of Withering is non-transmittable, and only affects whatever it was cast on. This is likely due to embedded Maijuric power constraints to prevent such a deadly affliction from rapidly spreading throughout the entire world, since it is able to "infect" anything that it is cast upon. That said, it does take a fairly powerful caster to be able to cast the curse in the first place, so that helps to remove the potential of novice mages accidentally causing damage to people or property.


Curse of Withering causes locational atrophy and or withering of a target or portion of the target identified upon casting. For instance, if the target is a person's arm, the arm will become skeletal and blackened over the course of twenty seconds or so, which causes the arm to become utterly useless. The same thing can happen to a person's entire body if that is the intended target, though such a feat is usually more difficult to pull off, proving to be both taxing on the caster's Maijurous and having to overcome the resilience of the entire body as opposed to specific portions.   Additionally, this curse can be cast upon plants, animals, and inanimate objects, causing similar effects dependent on the targets properties.


Treating a living victim afflicted by Curse of Withering is both simple and taxing - simple in terms of what needs to or can be done and taxing in terms of powerful magics or monetary resources. Effectively, what needs to occur is either the regeneration or replacement of the affected body parts. This can be accomplished by several means, beit magical regeneration or replacement, or that of mechanical replacement. Though recently, a new method of restoring parts tarnished by this curse is with Recoveries, as they have now become commercially available in Tyrralore, Saeralore, and Gjalvalore. The implementation of Recoveries in this manner has provided many with a far more cost effective and far less intrusive option.
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