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Blood Moon Awareness Flyer

(Legacy Content)
Beware! For when the Blood Red Moon rises, our greatest foe shall embolden and fall upon us with a most dastardly ferocity and unprecedented viciousness!
— Blood Moon Awareness Flyer
  A Blood Moon Awareness Flyer is a simplistically designed informational leaflet intended to promote awareness of the Blood Moon event, and to provide basic information on how to prepare for one. It depicts Alore's first moon, Lunaous, in a deep crimson hue with large amounts of red material sloughing off in various directions. Above that usually lies a line or two meant to be either a call to action or an announcement of the danger of these events. Beneath the image lies a list of typically six bullet points, each of which highlighting a separate public advisory made by individual country or city governments. While the effectiveness of these pamphlets seem to be questionable due to the heavy use of Tyrranet in most countries, they have proven to be very effective in spreading awareness in locals where this is not the case.

Historical Details


The idea for these flyers came about as early as the mid Alorean First Era though only after the effects of the Blood Moon were identified and catalogued. Upon this discovery, multiple countries across the world created variants of the flyer design in efforts to develop and increase public awareness of the danger of this event, how to identify when an event is starting, and what to do when one occurs.
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Authoring Date
Caerday, Saerazel 256 AFE


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