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Let this serve as a warning to the people of this nation: treason will not be tolerated, and those found in violation of my fair rulings will find themselves in spectral servitude. Whether you agree with me or my methods is not of my concern - eventually, all will serve in the quest for a better world, dead or living.
—  Dhelamut, the Sovereign Lord, upon conquering the town of Bleakwood
Bleakwood is a rather unremarkable small town to the north of the Misted-Hollow in central Gjalvalore. Aside from its typical mining and lumber industries, the town itself is famous for being one of the few settlements to vehemently defy the demands of Dhelamut, the Sovereign Lord in the late Second Era, including his somewhat reasonable claim to the Gjalvalorean throne. As a result of this complete and utter defiance, the tyrant leveled almost all of the town beneath the weight of his Phantom Legions, eradicating its entire population of rebellious souls. Once this was done, the pragmatic tyrant lord commanded the town be rebuild and repopulated to ensure that its economic impact remains intact. From then, and even after the tyrant lord's fall, the town remains a staple of the Gjalvalorean economy.


The town of Bleakwood was primarily constructed around a fairly rich prospect of mineral ores discovered near the surface, and as such possesses infrastructure most suited for mining operations. Ever since the mines began to show signs of depletion, the town was expanded to host structures for harvesting and processing timber, in addition to expanding on the trade industry in the town - given its relatively central location in Gjalvalore.


The town of Bleakwood when relatively unknown by most others in Gjalvalore, as its economic impact was comparatively low, and it was never truly central to any major events. That was, until, a certain giant lord sought to conquer all of Gjalvalore, and spread his message of "peace" throughout the lands. However, the original people of Bleakwood were warned previously about the apparent nature of Dhelamut, and thusly defied his demands when the time came. This defiance of course resulted in the near complete destruction of the town and the entire eradication and spectral subjugation of its inhabitants. And once that had been accomplished, Dhelamut amut rebuilt the town and repopulated it with his loyalists to ensure its economic impact for the nation remains intact.
Founding Date
34 Intrazel, 6067 ASE
Approximately 30,000 of varying species, most of which being Aloreans.
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