Xivi - Old

...convoluted, tricky, and oftentimes impossible to decipher. Furthermore, it appears the words - if you can call them that - do not go in one particular order.  
Notes:     ---Nevertheless, the dark witch who introduced me to these ancient texts was adamant that this tongue -   for all its complexities - DOES NOT LIE.---
— a linguist's unpublished research on Xivi
  Xivijsfatemet (zvmq!pw), known for short as Xivi, is an ancient South-Imedinatic language native to Gallana Amon. It was the lamias' singular language before the Great Exile of the Witches, but disappeared without a trace soon after they took refuge within the human Kingdom of Album. The language was eventually revived and adpated into Modern Xivi several centuries later.  
Notes:     ---She first came to me a week ago, her appearance hidden behind a hooded cloak.
  It did not matter. I knew right away she was not human.   Even without the hood, a four-eyed metallic mask hides her visage. ---
— a linguist's unpublished research on Xivi


  The origin of Xivi is unknown.  
Details of the emergence of Xivi as a language are limited at best. Of the few lamias that remained from before the exile, even fewer were ever willing to divulge any information about their past culture, religion, or language.   One notable exception being Lyxia the Grin Witch; In the year 446 MA, After a long period of imprisonment and arduous torture at the hands of King Liorov IV, the witch revealed only three truths:  
  • The lamias are the children of Lomot.
  • Xivi is the language of dreams.
  • Something precious was lost during the exile, something that can never be reclaimed.

  • She was publicly executed the same day.  
    Notes:     ---I was surprised she came to me with such a request and with such a large sum of silver.   After my last failure, I was ridiculed by my colleagues. A "disgrace to the academic community"...   Still, I will earn my renown with this research. History will know my name!---
    — a linguist's unpublished research on Xivi

    Ideography & Definitions

      It is suggested that modern Xivi's alphabet evolved from old Xivian ideograms, yet no such symbols have ever been seen.  
    Each of the discovered twenty-one Gaolas - the Xivian ideograms - has three different meanings that only together hold the accurate interpretation of that specific Gaola. There is inherent logic to them, but I have yet to uncover even half after several months. This will require further attention.  
    Notes:     ---The symbols... the more I look at them, the more I feel this itch under my scalp.   Merely observing them dulls my mind, intoxicates me. But I cannot stop.     She is watching. Always watching.---
    — a linguist's unpublished research on Xivi


      It is unlikely that Old Xivi shares the same sound profile as its modern descendant. It is believed to have been a purely visual language.  
    For all intents and purposes, Xivi as a verbal language has never existed. During Tenuma trances, lamias would summon the symbols to float around them; an act we know as 'Witch Telepathy'.  
    Notes:     She knows more than she is telling me. Why would she give me all these   resources to study this language but deprive me of her own knowledge?
    — a linguist's unpublished research on Xivi


      It is unknown what Old Xivi grammar was like, as no record has ever been written in the language.  
    Notes:     ---She is using me. She wants to bring this tongue back from the pit of the Putrid Grove!   One could only imagine the horrors it would unleash upon mankind.   I have to do something. All is at stake.---
    — a linguist's unpublished research on Xivi


    ---I snuck in the archives last night when she was away.   I trashed the room and tore all of the papers, but it is not enough.   I have to burn everything to ashes.   It cannot be helped. This research will NEVER see the light of day!     By my word, this evil dies with me!---
    — a linguist's unpublished research on Xivi
      Old Xivi has only ever been a legend passed down from one lamia to another. The only proof to its existence is Modern Xivi - whose surfacing in the late 700s was just as sudden and mysterious as the former's disappearance.
    Successor Languages

    Gaola - Ideograms

    Old Xivi Meaning
    Gaola by rikia

    Cover image: Old Xivi by rikia & Yurii


    Author's Notes

    This is the first article to involve my on-going project of creating and integrating my own conlang. The fantasy font was made by rikia (myself), along with the symbols.

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