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The third plane of existence to be formed, Faydwer was designed by the Aisthimat to be a home for sentient entities. As such, the plane itself encourages the development of sentience; the longer an entity or object is on the plane, the more likely it will develop a mind of its own.
Those native to the plane are referred to as fay.


Due to the power that suffuses every entity in the plane (which grants sentience), the entire ecosystem is alive - even the mountains, the ocean, the sky, and so on. The plane, therefore, sees frequent changes as, say, a hill decides to move, or a lake’s spirit is drained and it dries up. Everything in Faydwer has a mind of its own, which means that the landscape is more often defined by the relationships between these entities.
Due to the inherent vanity of sentient minds, the lands are typically vibrant and expressive: proud and majestic mountains reigning over tranquil forests and gentle plains, next to stark deserts, bitter swamps, and wild jungles. Everything is spirited, emphasized, and larger than life.

Natural Resources

Fairy dust is a powdered form of the energy that animates life on this plane. It can be harvested from fay directly, but is frequently found in deposits throughout the natural world.


Gaelwe was formed by the Aisthimat as a home for sentient entities, with the venthe being the first race to occupy this new dimension.
Dimensional plane

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  • 12 UT

    Creation of Faydwer

    The Aisthimat creates Faydwer and the venthe.

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