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The Aisthimat

The Infinite, Omnipresent Creator

Written by DesertAnubis

The Creator

The Aisthimat is the entity which represents existence, as opposed to nonexistence. This entity is simultaneously everything at once - an infinite, eternal, omnipresent force that wars against nothingness to ensure its own continued existence - and by extension, all of Creation. The Aisthimat is positivity, infinity, power, light: the truest and purest form of everything, all at once.

Divine Domains

Life, Light

Divine Goals & Aspirations

In its infancy, the Aisthimat was simply a creative force, broadening and expanding its world at a tremendous pace. But over time, as it continued to war against Ethaios (the entity representing nothingness), the Aisthimat recognized a pattern that “worked” - harmony and balance. The more harmonious and balanced its creation, the more resilient it was against the devourer; the more logical and structured the design, the longer it took before it fell apart. And so, the Aisthimat became representative of order and balance, harmony and peace.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the same moment that the Aisthimat came into being, it conceived the Forge of Creation - all of existence, represented as energy in eternal motion.
However, as it continued to grow and move, it found that there were certain things it had created that it wished to keep; this led to the creation of the Garden of Shimir, which contains every single thing that has ever existed - the ultimate cosmological collection, so to speak.
In order to keep everything harmonious, everything in the Garden is under the Aisthimat’s direct control; however, the Aisthimat soon gained an interest in things that moved of their own accord, without its influence. To provide a place for these new designs, the Aisthimat created Faydwer, a plane whose very energy could grant sentience to every conceivable entity on it. The Aisthimat then populated this plane with venthe - a race of beings whose appearance closely resembled the Aisthimat’s preferred form.

Personality Characteristics


As the representation of existence as opposed to nothingness, the Aisthimat’s chief motivation is continued existence. This existence is best served by harmonious principles to govern existence, growth and curiosity to expand across infinity, and goodness and wisdom to enable this naturally.
Divine Classification
Primordial Force
Lawful Good
Current Location

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