The Dymórleshra in the Lake

In a almost dried up lake in northernmost part of Western Agia, you can find a stone resembling a Dymórleshra, a creature made by the Goddess Rathias. While some believe this is actually an extinguished Dymórleshra, possibly the one Leiran fought during the The First Dymórleshra War, while others believe it is just a statue. The ones arguing that the statue is actually the Dymórleshra refers to the Book of Irath in which it says that Leiran lured the creature into a lake, and that lake fits the location. While other argues the stone is too small to be a Dymórleshra

The statue itself is around 2 meters high and made of carved black stone the water has soften its feature around the legs after this many years standing in it. The supposed head has no face, except for two holes in it, that resembles eye sockets.
It looks as if it has a whole in its chest, so some scholars also believe it could have been used as a candle holder for rituals, in case the statue is older than the First Dymórleshran War. But no one truly knows the true purpose or identity behind this statue. It could be a stone shaped in a way for us to interpret it wrongly, for all I know.

If you ask me, I find it very disturbing there are some similarities between a supposed Dymórleshra and a person suffering from Emptiness. For all I know, this statue could easily be an unfortunate person whose faith turned to fear in some ritual where faith was required.

Monument / Statue, Large


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