Leiran is both a legendary and historical figure, who has a major role in a couple of chapters of the Book of Irath. He was the founding father of the Order of Irath's Sword, who's whole purpose were to defeat anything the Goddess Rathias sent down from the North to the West.
Not much is known about him beside the few things written down in the Book of Irath, but we do know he was a real person, because of other historical documents have mentioned him as well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leiran was from a farmer family, he was a late teenager when he watched his family and village being destroyed by the Oxenbeast. He travelled for days with almost no rest to pass the message on to Aistalion, the capital of Aistana. Once he was but a few hundred meters from the gate, his horse died, and he himself passed out from exhaustion. He woke up in the baracks where he told the captain of the guard what had happened in his village.
While he wanted to take revenge, the captain of the guard simply told him he should stay and become a guardsman himself. Leiran trained for months while the beast ravaged the lands further, Irath watched and saw him as a worthy person to found a military organisation that would fight the followers and creations of Rathias, but she was still in the last months of her fifty year confinement. As soon as the confinement broke, she approached him and blessed him, while also telling him of his task ahead. He accepted the task, and she equiped him with much better equipment than he ever had. The rusty sword which had barely gotten him a place amongst the guardsmen, she restored and blessed as well.
As soon as he was ready, Irath transported them to the recent known location of the beast, where he immediately fought against the beast which no one before managed to wound. He defeated the beast and Irath told Leiran and the soldiers should give the beast and the fallen soldiers a funeral pyre, so their soul could travel to Irath'las.
Once Leiran returned to the Aistana, he founded the Tilor O Irath'Miesdys and the Illendrith made him a Hailan.

While he was the hand of the Tilor, he managed to write down several documents about the Tilor's set of principles, which is only accessable to the members of the organisation.
During the first war against the Dymórleshra, he died while protecting a little girl who was about to be slain by one of the Dymórleshra. In his death the other members discovered how to defeat the Dymórleshra.
1494 BGD 1455 BGD 39 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Dymórleshra while defending a little girl.
A little farmer village in Aistana
Place of Death
A village in North Aistana
Dark brown, which were cut short.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.81 m
74 kg
Aligned Organization


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