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Agian Faith

Faith has more power in this world than anything else. It fuels believes and makes miracles happen. While Church of Irath, and the Church of Rathias both lays claim on the people's faith, it is not something that can be easily controlled.

Understanding Faith

How do we understand faith? That is a good question. I have tried to read all the religious scriptures within Agia to understand the phenomenon. And I concluded that Faith has more power than we might understand. Luckily, the Book of Irath and the Scrolls of Rathias have provided plenty of sources to get a better understanding of this... and how it has been used for their purpose. I came up with the theory below to better explain Faith.
— Aewydim Scibodaeth

While understood as two different things, they are corelated to each other. Faith can both mean complete trust or confidence in someone or something, a firm belief in one’s skills, or in the doctrines of a religion.

The faith in another being can give remarkable powers, and the more people believing in the person, the stronger the person becomes. A person can also have faith in their own abilities, giving them the edge to do a thing they desire. An organisation can also get power from the faith of its followers, although it is less visible.

The three types of faith; individual, in another, and organisational, all have different levels of the power they generate. The individual is the least potent of the three, and depending on how much faith is given to another being or organisation, it gets more potent.

The best examples of how faith works, or used to work, are found in the Book of Irath and Scroll of Rathias. In both religious scriptures, Irath and Rathias use the faith of their followers to gain strength to fight each other. When the faith in them dwindled, the balance between them lessened and one might defeat the other. Thus, it was always an eternal battle for them to gather more followers than the other.

The Illendrith are another example of how faith works. Whether it was Irath’s faith in them or that people had faith in their abilities to create miracles is unclear. But one thing is certain: they had the ability to use faith as a power to make miracles happen.

Faith is Weakened

No one understands exactly why faith is losing its potency, but the gap between miracles happening is getting wider. Last miracle happened was several centuries ago. There are three different theories behind the decline:

The Goddesses’ death caused the decline. Without the goddesses, there was no entity strong enough to provide the faith to create miracles.

The Illendrith, who was the original organisation that created miracles, was eradicated by the Church of Irath. This could have caused the decline in the creation of miracles.

Our understanding of Agia is completely wrong, and we know not how to actually access the true power of faith. Though the power of faith may rise when the souls of the goddesses will return.

The Lasfydd or Irathism: The Church of Irath is the biggest religious organization in Agia, which is why Lasfydd is the most influential faith, with Lesfydd coming in a close second.

Since the followers of Irath and Rathias both believes in the return of the goddesses, I would assume their faith has been combined to keep the faith in order to make the Ptlomethia's Prophecy of the Goddesses' Reincarnated Souls happen
Iragrefeimian: Well, despite having a direct relation to how Lasfydd works, I would consider their faith completely equivalent to that of Lasfydd. But since it is only the Galifrems who follow this doctrine, I cannot imagine it to be as potent as Lasfydd.

I wonder how the Galifrem has been shaped by their faith. Illendriths had all species in their organization, but Dynbodauls are most represented in the Book of Irath. Ghrefeims had to add more content to their version, mostly their own hierarchy of Hailan.
Tynelusium: One can wonder how Tynelusium faith actually works, since its base is the balance, dark, and light, which are intangible concepts. I wonder if these three are actually to be considered entities, and thus should have the same equivalent power as gods.

Otherwise, the faith might work as individually, granting a believer of the Tynelusium more power through this belief. I would love to investigate this further, if it were not such a dangerous topic amid Western Agia where the Church of Irath has its primary seat.

Faith in Other Parts of Agia

While our primary understanding of Faith relies heavily on the words of the Book of Irath and/or Scrolls of Rathias, there are several other religions in other parts of Agia. Though these religions exist mostly in the Southern Islands of Agia, where the Church of Irath and the Church of Rathias have less influence.

The most known religion in the Southern Islands is Saithonic Pantheon, which originates from the ancient civilisation known as Satlonian.
The Saithonic Pantheon has several gods, but the most known and oldest gods of this pantheon are Oranth, Hethna, Has Orin, Ob Nath, Setsan, and Sunra.

by PanthersEye
In the ancient scriptures from Satlonia, the kings were believed to be a direct descendant of Sunra and Has Orin. If we are to believe that faith provides power, then these kings would have got a large amount of power through the faith of the people. That is, if the religion were not pushed upon people through fear, and thus creating a different type of power. Faith could only be created by their own original ethnicity, and their belief of their superiority.

How Saithonic Pantheon’s faith works today is both a mystery and a wonder. Not only did the original belief survive the fall of Satlonia, they still kept it fairly contained after the The Church of Irath started the “cleansing mark” to convert people to Irathism.

Scholars hailing from Saithon have informed me that they have incorporated Irath and Rathias into their pantheon, albeit with different names that fit the Saithonic language. This is to pacify the Church of Irath, who reluctantly accepts this, but only because they cannot currently afford another religious war.


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