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White Wind

(a.k.a. Wind)

Angels don't whinny...   Prominent families in Bainshaebo pay out the nose for a foal sired from Ander Vai Stel Vethu's beloved steed Skybolt Sunhammer. Such a legendary pedigree commands a healthy amount of renown, especially with Pegacorns being reborn as mechanical Pegasi. As a reward for his son Prince Torehj completing his freelanding tour at a young age, King Torke requested such a scion. The resulting colt proved quite unruly, however. The unexpected intervention of the Oldworlder Yulie Yamano resulted in an unconventional friendship that set the boy on a path of heroism he himself has yet to fully realize. Far from being Skybolt's first-born, White Wind may be the most famous of his progeny.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Wind might never fully match the stature of his sire, but he seems to have inherited his dam's agility as he is able to execute complex maneuvers mid-flight. It is unknown if his diet on Earth has impaired his growth without access to dererium feed from Mazzan, but his combat prowess hasn't suffered. He can comfortably fit inside the Yamano garage if he keeps his wings tucked.

Body Features

He has a relatively compact body and is quite leggy even by Pegasi standards.

Facial Features

Wind can be quite expressive displaying everything from shock, anger, to guilty dog-face.

Identifying Characteristics

Wind sports a "W"-shaped head-crest and his knee-plates are longer and sort of leaf-shaped. The outer plates of his wings are blue while the inner plates are red.

Physical quirks

Wind will often swish his tail and flick his ears. He is quite temperamental and defensive of Yulie and might deploy his Shock Hoof technique if provoked.

Special abilities

Wind possesses all of the abilities granted to Pegasi such as eye beams, horn cannon, and a sturdy dererium hide. He can fly via thrusters built into his hooves and the engines in his wing plates. He can metabolize both organic matter and metal to replenish his armaments and maintain systems. He can emulate Impacting Asteroid-level Rait'chian using his horn. His body is light enough for ease of flight but he lacks the weight and bulk of his sire for charges or tackles.

Specialized Equipment

Wind arrived at the Battle of the Citadel fully equipped with a war-saddle, tech typically reserved for adult Pegasi. How he came by it and who put it on him is highly attributed to divine intervention.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Wind spent his weanling period at Mazzan, being a "second generation" Pegasi-born, not built. Once he reached yearling age he was deemed suitable for a partner, but he staunchly refused Prince Torehj. Yulie's composure and bravery intrigued the colt, since the boy showed him the one thing Torehj refused to: Respect.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Unnamed and unknown at the time, the feisty colt first arrived on Earth during the Battle of the Citadel, but due to cosmic matter covering his hide then igniting during atmospheric entry, he had the appearance of a glowing angel. Once the cosmic matter finally burned off, his true form was revealed when he rescued Yulie. Since joining Yulie he has participated in a number of conflicts such as the Assault on Talpa's Fortress, Assault on the Ramahatesguad, the Cataclysm War, and a number of adventures in Thorolk fighting Dark Dragons such as Deryrdikus and Goretsoku. He flew alongside his friends as part of Argonauth's escort on the expedition into the Nether Realm.

Failures & Embarrassments

Wind's hunger got the better of him when Mrs. Yamano laid a trap for him and he outed himself while gorging on carrots. When Mr. Yamano tried to force Yulie to abandon him, Wind nearly collapsed the garage with his Shock Hoof and tore the garage door off in a fit of anger. For all his bravery and bluster, his wings nearly fell out of their sockets when he saw the lung-type Dragon Master for the first time. Furugoror nearly kills him by attempting to tear his horn out of socket.
Scene from Yulie's Tales Ch. 1
White Wind vs. Furugoror excerpt by Mardrena
Even his Pegasi weaponry has limits due to his age, since his missiles and eye beams only seemed to annoy Deryrdikus. Because of his mechanical nature he cannot navigate without aid of his internal systems, so when Yulie and Wind fell into the Great Chasm, Wind needed to be carried by Arthragor.

Mental Trauma

When Prince Torehj attempted to abduct Wind from the Yamano residence, the mere act threw Wind into hysterics. When he found out Yulie would have to fight the prince, he escaped Mazzan again to intervene by soundly rebuking the prideful prince. Anything that comes between him and Yulie he views as hostile, including-at one point- Mr. Yamano.
Scene from Yulie's Tales Ch. 2
Yulie vs. Prince Torehj excerpt by Mardrena

Personality Characteristics


Simply an unnamed scion of Skybolt at the time, the plucky colt chafed at efforts by Prince Torehj and his cohorts to tame him. When the Oldworlder Yulie Yamano entered the pen and faced him without fear, the colt viewed him as worthy of his friendship and a true equal. Much the same way Ander earned Skybolt's life-long friendship, Yulie earned the respect of Skybolt's son.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Wind has keen senses and can detect subtle energy anomalies, effectively "smelling" magic. He will take initiative and navigate a battlefield with tactical precision with Yulie along for the ride.   As Skybolt's son, he has a habit of refusing to back down from a fight against physically powerful foes such as the Mutant Warlord Scar or the ogre-lord Furugoror.

Likes & Dislikes

Eating gold coins and carrots, fighting bad guys.   Yulie's dad (initially), monstrous enemies, seeing innocents get picked on.

Virtues & Personality perks

Wind is unerringly loyal to Yulie and will accompany him nearly at all times outside of school or emergencies. He can locate Yulie anywhere at any time. He will help Mrs. Yamano with errands if asked (or bribed with carrots).

Vices & Personality flaws

Has a tendency to eat random metal items. Has a weakness for big crunchy juicy carrots. He is very brave in battle but is startled by the size of dragons such as Dragon Master or Arthragor. As loyal as he is to Yulie he is not above chastising him when he perceives a slight, such as when he tried to eat the chainmail out of Yulie's pearl armor trousers.  
“…where are the cans I was saving to donate?” she asked and turned around.   Donate? Wind raised his head and tilted one ear to the side. Mrs. Yamano looked from side to side again before glancing at Wind.   “I could’ve sworn they were right here…I had a plastic bag full of old cans for recycling…” She caught the slight widening of Wind’s eye lenses out the corner of her eye. “Did you eat them? You ate them!?” Wind recoiled and backed up a step, flattening his ears against his neck and twitching his head from side to side. “I can’t believe it! You ate them! Why would you eat them!?” Wind lowered his head and averted his gaze, his metal face looking quite ashamed.
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 3

Personality Quirks

Since Pegasi inherited the telepathic abilities of their Pegacorn predecessors, their riders hear their own voice when being addressed. Yulie hears his own voice when Wind communicates with him, and Wind opines often in the middle of battle or during recreational activities.


Yulie takes the time to polish his hide at home. Even though Pegasi are not susceptible to parasites, they will still swish their tails or scratch behind their ears with their hind legs. While a war-saddle can be removed, Wind likes to keep his equipped at all times.


Contacts & Relations

Yulie Yamano
Close. A young boy who accompanied the Ronin Warriors during the Dynasty Wars. Considers the younger Ronin as older brothers. Now a bit older and wiser, he battles a resurgent Dynasty, Mal Daggur's forces, and other threats in his own way. Dragon Master grants him his chin pearl, allowing Yulie to summon his own suit of armor based on his subconscious desire to be a heroic warrior. In accordance with a long-standing tradition in Thorolk, Yulie is viewed as the current White Ryder with White Wind his iconic armor-clad steed.
Scene from Yulie's Tales Ch. 1
Yulie and White Wind excerpt by Mardrena
Mr. Yamano
Mixed. Initially hostile to the "flying robot space-horse", viewing him as a distraction from Yulie's education. He's since mellowed out but demands Yulie take Wind somewhere else to feed since Wind gorged himself on an entire set of tools.  
Ms. Yamano
Friendly. Interdimensional crises are a bit much for this simple housewife, but she accepts that Wind loves her son. Since learning Wind's weakness for carrots, she's enlisted him with errands and chores such as drying laundry with his wing thrusters.  
Close. Whiteblaze's daughter and sister to Snow and Magma. Initially housed at Mazzan, she had a chance to bond with White Wind while Yulie prepared for his fight against Torehj. The tigress insisted on staying with Wind when they prepared to depart. Despite her weight he is able to comfortably carry her.  
Tanya Sanada
Friendly. She accompanied Yulie to Mazzan during their tour of Bainshaebo and tried to intervene when the colt seemed hostile. She recognizes the true bond between the two and berates Yulie's father on his ignorance.  
Ronin Warriors
Cordial. The other Ronin don't have as much contact with Wind though Ryo is annoyed that the pair will swoop into battle unannounced. Even the others have to acknowledge Wind's plucky initiative during situations.  
Friendly. Wind seems to view the first of the Pegasi as a sort of role model, sometimes emulating his fighting style in battle. The two have cooperated before and Wind even saved Paigasurin's life once.  
Chi Chi Lina, Danae
Friendly. With her family's close ties to Mazzan, Danae knows quite well the sort of character it takes to become a Pegasi rider.  
Bak Thraplek
Friendly. Bak seems to have an understanding of Pegasi language due to its digital nature and is able to coolly diffuse Wind's hostility towards him upon first meeting, telling the young colt that he knew Ander personally.  
Black Hawk
Very Hostile. Currently MIA, the former human despised the boy and his steed since Wind exchanged blows with her a number of times at the Battle of the Citadel, including biting a chunk of her feathery hair, ripping it out, and EATING it.
Scene from Aftermath Ch. 13
White Wind Vs Black Hawk excerpt by Mardrena
Prince Torehj
Suspicious. Wind has no love towards King Torke's eldest son. Perversely enough, with the prince gaining the tiger Magma as a steed, Wind is somewhat jealous that Torehj is no longer interested in a scion of Skybolt.  
Dar Dar Vanes, Norin
Friendly. A friend of Ander and Skybolt, the grizzled rider knows every colt and filly sired at Mazzan. Observes the Trael between Torehj and Yulie then speaks up in support of Wind's devotion to Yulie.

Family Ties

Skybolt Sunhammer
Sire. Legendary steed of Aleksander Vanstandtvoort/Ander Vai Stel Vethu. Popular stud currently housed in a dedicated enclosure at Mazzan.  
Unknown Mare
Dam. Contributed Wind's coloration and nimbleness. Possible steed of the Grand House of Taurit.  
Sunbolt Skyhammer
Uncle. Twin brother of Skybolt and steed of King Torke. White Wind does not get to see him being on Earth so much and with the Watch-Rider's duties consuming Sunbolt's time.

Religious Views

Wind owes his existence to the Goddess of the Forge, Eyurodin. Wind does not know any of the Queens personally but their hand is suspected in his arrival on Earth. Master Breeder Norin remains mum on the circumstances of his "escape" from Mazzan's air-shield.


In addition to whinnies and neighs typical of an equine, Wind will utter digital-sounding vocalizations when upset or communicating with a fellow Pegasi. These can vary from high-pitched chirps, burbles and warbles, grunts, or squeals that have a sort of synthesized effect to them as if produced by vintage electronics.
White Wind in Flight by Mardrena
Made with Realistic Paint Studio
Pegasi Snak Attak by Mardrena
Made with Realistic Paint Studio
Current Status
Staying with Yulie
Yearling (Aftermath) 3yr(Spacequake)
Current Residence
Yamano garage
Rectangular white lenses
white mane crest and tail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Metallic white body, red and blue wings, silver horn and hooves, blue legplates
12 hands (Aftermath) 15 hands (Spacequake)
200lb (Aftermath) 375lb (Spacequake)
Quotes & Catchphrases
“Stupid and ignorant! Ignorant and stupid!” (Through Yulie)
We will make our deaths just as heroic, but it won’t come for a very long time.
Wind to the Rescue! by Mardrena
Made with Realistic Paint Studio
Break It Up!!! by Mardrena
Raw pencil sketch

Cover image: White Wind Header by Mardrena
Character Portrait image: Pegasi Foal (Color) by Mardrena


Author's Notes

I never understood why Yulie got so much hate in the fandom. I've seen a number of very unflattering portrayals, including one fic where he is possessed by a monster that kills all of the Ronin save one, and another where Sage's hair somehow comes to life and EATS Yulie. He doesn't come off as being overly bratty and has actually helped the guys on occasion in the Original Animated Series, even jolting Rowen and Kento out of their malaise during Inferno. He just needed a story of his own where he could really shine.

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