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Amice becomes an orphan

Life, Trauma/ Loss


With only 4 years old, Amice's parents were killed.

With Blackbourne's trade routes cut and the abuse of the luxurious life of their Artalgnian rulers, Arcanopia had been going through a bad food crysis. The community of farmers from nearby settlements gathered at Nouvemond to complain about their precarious situation, and among them were Amice's parents.   In a display of an iron fist rule, with a touch of indifference for the people, Duke Messenio Tacitus ordered his guards to kill every single one of the farmers and replace them with Artalgnian men. Amice's mother, who was pregnant, could not escape from the guards and was caught before they were able to leave the capital. While Amice's father wished to stay and fight the men, his wife begged for him to run home and protect their daughter - and so he did, for it was too late to save her. As he arrive at their home, being chased by the guards, he rushed to hide the girl at the barn, instructing her to head to the direction of Hrastgar, where she would be safe until he caught up to her. Then, he left her behind to confront the guards with the other farmers.   Walking and running north in fear, she eventually passed out not far from her destination by the stress of the situation. A hunter found the collapsed child and brought her to a healer in Hrastgar, who cared for her until she was up again. The healer eventually took her in when she realized the girl was one her own, and the father she mentioned had probably abandoned her.

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