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One-person aquatic vehicle made with pre-Calamity technology

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for kickstarting the idea for this vehicle


"Sea-devils! Don't make of the mer your enemy... or they will come under your ship riding their stingrays and puncture the entire hull!"
— a traumatized Rover

Created from the lost pre-Calamity technology of Atlantis, Stingrays are small, one-person vehicles used by the Merfolk to traverse the waters. These high-speed vehicles are often used to take riders from the bottom to the surface of the sea, travel between cities, and, sometimes, are even sold in the black market to the Rovers.


Weapons & Armament

As a basic means of self-defense, all stingrays are equipped with a shard-cannon, a magical weapon that solidifies small amounts of water in its barrel through magic, and fires at the target. It isn't able to cause a lot of damage against large vehicles, but it can deal fatal damage against living beings.

Armor & Defenses

The stingrays aren't designed for combat, but rather for reaching high speeds, and that comes at the cost of armor and durability. They barely protect the rider, leaving most of their body exposed, as well as it lacks the proper plating on itself to defend it from enemy fire and harder crashes.

Power Generation

Stingrays are powered by Aether Cells, which are charged by converting aether into electric energy. These cells capture the aether energy from the sunlight and the water to powering the vehicle, but the process takes longer to charge than the energy is spent, which means one must let theit stingray rest awhile between uses.

Owning Organization
Very rare
Cargo & Passenger Capacity

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