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The elven technique of imbuing magical properties in plants

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for kickstarting the idea for this technology


"We elves have centuries of studies in spellfarming. Centuries of experimentation and failures. You can't expect anyone to produce better materials than us."
— a wood elf farmer

Spellfarming is a technique that Wood Elves⁣ developed to create natural materials with magical⁣ properties. The popularity of the technique spread in the last century, but only a few except for the elves know its secrets.

Access & Availability

Although its existence is no secret, it is hard to find anyone who knows how to work with spellfarming, especially since the elves almost always stay isolated from civilization. There are a few Sanctuaries that offer spellfarmed products though, such as Springdrop⁣ in the Kingdom of Archana⁣. Besides those, there are a few farmers around the continent who try to replicate the technique, but their results are far from those of the elves.


While in a similar vein to Spellforging⁣, spellfarming is more complex and much easier to fumble due to length of time required. Special attention must be given to the plants from the seeds' germination to the day they are harvested.


There are quite a few effects spellfarming can achieve. The two most common are the Living Wood⁣ and Living Thread⁣, both base materials with regenerative properties. But there are also many other less common products that can be made, especially medicinal herbs.


Spellfarming plants is a lot like common farming. Every day the farmer irradiates magic over the plants like they were irrigating until the plant is ready to be harvested. There is, though, a proper amount of aether to irradiate and a specific type of aether in the elemental spectrum. The correct combination depends on the species in question, the climate, and the desired effect.


This technique was discovered by different communities at different times. As the nomadic elves⁣ traveled through the land, they eventually found some of the regions with high densities of aether, and what they did to the local fauna and flora. Through trial and error, they were able to replicate the results and incorporate the spellfarming technique in their culture.

Cotton farm

A cotton spellfarm near Springdrop

Wood Elves
Access & Availability
Rare, only Wood Elves⁣ know, Medium-priced
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