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Nancy Awvrey

Beloved owner of the Cloak & Dagger

Nancy Awvrey (a.k.a. The Barmatron)


"Ye folks needa drink? Ya'll look awfully beat'n down. 'Mon, drink up and tell yer story, aye?"
— Nancy Awvrey, owner of the Cloak & Dagger

By the port of Blackbourne, hidden inside Devin's Retreat, the Cloak & Dagger inn is off-way but a rather famous tavern. The exotic location sure has its share in the reputation of the establishment, but old clients keep coming back because of Nancy Awvrey, the owner of the place. A rough but motherly advisor, talkative and loud, Nancy is loved by the folks who come to the Cloak & Dagger to drink and rest.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nancy's body, as she puts it, is "overflowing with hotness". She is overweight but happy with it, as her appearance makes her seem more friendly, and she has plenty of energy to do any tasks she needs to, despite being out of shape. Despite that, her health is impeccable, she never gets sick, to the point that the clients often make jokes that Nancy is unkillable.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nancy was born and raised in the Cloak & Dagger. Her family has been passing down the ownership of the inn for a long time, so she grew up being exposed to the business. Unlike her siblings, she took a liking for the thing and decided she would be the heir to the family's business.

She performed many roles in the Cloak & Dagger through her teens, from cleaning to cooking, serving, accounting, and, finally, managing. When her parents retired, Nancy became the official owner of the inn, fully armed with all the experience she needed.

In the coming decades, she was able to successfully managed the inn by herself, meeting many different kinds of people along the way. Talkative as she has always been, she learned a lot from talking to all of her clients, slowly earning the reputation she has today. Because of the good relationship she nurtures with them, her clients began calling her Nancy, The Barmatron, a title following the pattern of the Heroes of Archana, joking that she is the goddess of mead for them.


Nancy didn't go to any formal education center and was instead taught all she knows by her parents, with a little extra from chatting with clients.

Intellectual Char.

Despite not being especially good with the usual intellectual skills, Nancy is really great socially, being able to persuade, mediate, and to read others.


Family Ties

Nancy has a good relationship with her family. Her parents live with her, as well as her niece and nephew who stay there while her sister is out traveling for work.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
"The Barmatron"
Year of Birth
446 AE 49 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Wavy, black
Skin Tone
Light brown
78 kg
Family & Relations

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