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The island of Verit lies off the western coast of Ma'urwol. It was one of the few islands to exist prior to The Great Fall. Afterward, it was just one of many.   Like the continents and islands of the old world, Verit's coastal regions were devestated by the tidal waves that emerged from The Great Fall. However, the island is formed upon a strong granite foundation and most of the interior survived unscathed. As such, the kingdom of Verit that made the island its home was able to quickly rebuild its damaged areas.   A nation of sailors, there are those who believe that the superior sailing skills attributed to Talaras were learned from the Veritans.   After the events of Veritan Rebellion, the status of the island is largely a mystery. None who have dared to land there have ever returned to report and to this day, those who have dared venture close enough can still see the undead wandering the island's shores and the decaying remains of the port city of Cuthlen.


Largely rolling hills covered in forests around the shorelines, with flatter, higher regions towards the interior. Several ruined cities dot the island, but only one is on the coast and visible to passing ships.
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