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Veritan Rebellion

There was an island nation off the western shore known as Verit. A strong willed people, the Veritans never fully accepted the domination of the Three. While the emissaries of the Three were always welcomed, the kingdom kept a strict control over their activities. Worship of other gods was openly allowed and the more than one cleric or paladin of the Three was expelled for attempting to violently enforce the rule of the Three.   The key to their survival was that the Veritans maintained the best, strongest and most advanced fleet of ships in the world. A Veritan frigate was the equal of any 10 other ships. Fully a sixth of adults in their prime served in the navy and most other adults and teens trained regularly with the militias and could man the island fortifications as needed.   Tensions continued to build over the centuries as one by one opposition to the Three fell elsewhere. The situation reached the breaking point 230 years ago when a group of Hunters of the Three killed a circle of druids that tended the forests of the island. The Hunters were arrested, tried for murder and executed by the King’s Guard.   In response to the executions, the forces of the Three called a Culling. A force nearly 50,000 strong was assembled and more than 4000 ships constructed. Though they held out for days, even the great armada of Verit was no match for the force. As the last of their navy was sunk and the holy forces began overrunning the island’s defenses, the tide of battle suddenly changed.   It is said the king of Verit made a deal with a powerful force of evil. The inhabitants of the island fell dead, only to arise moments later as powerful undead creatures. The invasion fell apart as liches, revenants, and other undead began their counter attack. The undead pursued no further than the shorelines and much of the invading force was able to escape back to their ships and flee the island. To this day, ships that pass close enough to Verit can see the undead prowling its shores and none who have dared to land there have ever returned.

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