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Talaras occupies the lands of the western shores of as well as a number of large islands off the western coast. They are best known for their seafaring skills. On the waters, only the Verit were their betters. Today, none can match them. It is said of the Talarasi, they are born with one foot on land and one on the deck of a ship.   They are also the only kingdom to maintain trade routes with the kingdoms of the Old World. While the other kingdoms, save Nuah’Nuar, welcome the trade that comes from the old-world continents, the Talarasi have a near complete monopoly on that trade. Their ships are larger, faster, better equipped and stronger than anything else on the oceans in the current world.   The other races are content to leave it to them. Despite their monopoly on trade, the Talarasi do not take advantage, always being fair and honest in their dealings. They are, as a people, lean more towards Kethos, God of Law than the other two members of The Three.   Population The Western Kingdom has a larger portion of human and halfling races than average. Elves and dwarves are somewhat rarer.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Western Kingdom

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