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Commonly known as the Dead Elven Kingdom, Silverstar was the first recorded kingdom in on Ma'urwol. A group of elven explorers called the StarSingers arrived on the southern coast by ship in the year 5560 BGF.   They explored the land for several years, staging from a base camp along the coast. Then, in 5531 BGF they happened upon an idyllic setting in a forest they had named Tesh’na. There, they founded their new city, Kastelosa. Sending back to the old world for their families, they founded a new kingdom.   For the next 300 hundred years, more and more elven colonists came from the old world. The StarSingers, growing concerned by the growing numbers of people coming to their new world, cut off the flow. They had been careful to conceal and protect the routes to reach the new continent and had allowed no ships save their own to bring new peoples.   Some of the StarSingers, however, began to grow concerned with the actions of their leaders. Calling themselves the WoodSingers, they took up a more "natural" life and moved from the city into the forests, rarely forming villages larger than a hundred or so people. They became druids, rangers, hunters, farmers and gatherers.   Over the next 2700 years, both groups grew. The StarSingers built more and more cities and WoodSingers spread throughout all the forests and lands of the south. The StarSingers were content with their cities and the WoodSingers, when not serving the whims of the StarSingers, had the farms and forests.  

Alone No More

And then, in 2440 BGF, the Old World finally found Ma'urwol once more. A human trading ship, blown off course and lost after a great storm, landed on the eastern coast. They sailed along the unfamiliar coast for days before finally spotting signs of a village. Going ashore to learn what they could, they were surprised to find the village inhabited by a friendly tribe of hill giants, who spoke of many creatures like the humans, but with pointed ears, to the southwest. The humans realized the rumors of an elven land in another place were true. When they returned to the Old World the humans, unlike the StarSinger elves, spread word of what they had found. The time of colonization had begun.   The elves of Silverstar had not spread anywhere near that far east. For nearly 60 years, ships from the old world settled up and down the eastern coast of Ma'urwol without the knowledge of the elves. It was not until a ship got lost and sailed too far west, within site of the elves' easternmost coastal city, that the elves learned they were no longer alone.   For the next few years, the elves sent numerous WoodSinger scouts to learn just how far the infestation had grown. To their dismay they learned of tens of thousands of humans, orcs, dwarves, halfings and gnomes in nearly a dozen kingdoms spread up and down the western lands. To each of these they sent an emissary to demand the intruders leave or "face the wrath of this land's true heirs".   In response, several of the eastern kingdoms banded together under one ruler and the kingdom of Aldis Tre was formed. The elves, fearing the united front arrayed against them, chose to back down.   For nearly 300 years, a tense state existed on Ma'urwol. Border skirmishes were common, but the situation was always kept just below the level of war. Then, in 2106 BGF, an event would occur that would lead to all out war within a year.   A caravan of human and dwarven settlers, just arrived from the old world, were traveling west to found a new village in the empty lands south of the new capital city of Aldis Tre. Eschewing hired guides and not knowing the lands, the settlers took the wrong road and strayed into elven lands. An elven patrol spotted them and, rather than turning the group back, attacked and wiped out every last one of the unprepared settlers.   Enraged by the massacre, the king of Aldis Tre declared war on the elves of Silverstar and attacked. The war between Aldis Tre and Silverstar raged for 6 years. The lines shifted constantly, but in the end neither side had gained much over the other. A truce was declared and there was peace.  

The WoodSinger Rebellion

The war between Silverstar and Aldis Tre had angered the WoodSingers. Long used to being oppressed by the StarSingers, the WoodSingers were often used as shock troops during the war. Many, many more WoodSingers had died or been wounded than StarSingers. Resentment reached the boiling point and in 1890 BGF, the WoodSingers declared themselves free.   The StarSingers, fearing the loss of their servant classes, sent armies to put down the rebellion. However, still weakened from their war with Aldis Tre and having few skills in the woodlands of their world, the armies failed to accomplish much and most of the WoodSinger peoples escaped Silverstar. The king of Aldis Tre welcomed them into their lands and made them equal citizens.   This loss was the beginning of the end for the kingdom of Silverstar.
Geopolitical, Kingdom

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