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Splitting from the StarSingers when they became too arrogant, the WoodSingers chose to return to the ways of their ancestors. They love tree and animal, and generally dislike large cities. They are farmers, hunters, rangers and druids.   They generally prefer to keep their villages small communities. It is rare to find a conclave of WoodSingers with more than 400 or 500 people.   In modern times on Ma'urwol, while they share the same blood as the elves who live in the cities, the WoodSinger name is generally only taken by those who live in the rural and forest areas.


Shared customary codes and values

The WoodSingers share a love of land, forest, animal and plant.

Average technological level

Their rustic lifestyles should not be misconstrued as being primitive. They work hard to develop new techniques for farming, hunting and gathering. Their skills as blacksmiths and carpenters are unmatched by any except perhaps the dwarves. They simply have little desire to turn those skills to warfare, except as absolutely necessary.

Common Etiquette rules

A WoodSinger farming community is in some ways like a commune. They all work all the fields and crops together. Food and resources are shared equally. Much of what they have belongs to the community, not to individuals.

Art & Architecture

Simple, natural forms are preferred.

Rules Adjustments A PC who chooses the WoodSinger ethnicity for their character makes the following adjustments:
  • +1 DC for any druid or ranger spells
  • +5 on checks for any skills that relate to the following: tracking, farming, hunting, crafting
  • Crafting masterwork items costs 25% less than the listed costs
Parent ethnicities

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