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Aldis Tre

Aldis Tre was the first recorded non-elven kingdom. Human explorers from across the Great Malduth Sea arrived on the eastern coast of Ma'urwol. They were quickly followed by others from the dwarves, halflings, gnomes and orcs.   Within 200 years, the kingdom had spread across the entirety of the eastern coast and well into the interior lands. The early history was not without its own strife.  

The Inner Kingdoms

While most of the many thousands who crossed the Great Seas to Aldis Tre settled in the eastern lands, some groups press into the interior of the continent and many smaller kingdoms are formed throughout the central lands.   Over the years until the Great Fall, many smaller kingdoms rise and fall and none ever grows to a position of significant strength. Border wars are frequent and the borders of the maps change so frequently that none are considered particularly accurate.   After the fall, none have dared re-settle too far into the Inner Kingdoms. Most feel it to be a cursed land and to be avoided. As such, for daring adventurers, many an adventurer has ventured into the lands. A few have actually returned, spinning tales of ruins and vast treasure hoards. However, of the rare few to return, far fewer return with any substantial wealth to back up these claims.

Geopolitical, Kingdom

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